¬†Welcome back everyone. I hope everyone is having a great and fantastic day on this wonderful Tuesday afternoon, where it is cloudy and cold outside with snow once again on the ground. We here at basement remodeling Milwaukee are having a great and fantastic time we are making money with all the change order that are coming in from our clients that want to keep adding things to their project, which means more money coming into us. What I can be here discussing all the change orders that happened even though they are quite a bit of them that have happened over the past couple weeks and we’re happy enough for that because you know what means we can make it so that the clients are very happy about these are going in this we keep adding more stuff to the project which never heard saw so I’m just going to add a couple of days I said to the project and salty what time it takes for us to complete the project how much is nothing serious it just takes a couple extra days and we do have a lot things to do when you don’t want to come project does have and result in a change order make sure you change your assigned you get a check before we can still continue to work on the penny on the Odyssey the concern concerns of the change order whether it’s just adding something that goes I’m towards the end of the project or if it’s immediately stopping at working on right now that needs to be changed so it’s a long the lines of immediately we¬† we stopped make sure that we get everything taken care of properly. You know here that basement remodeling Milwaukee going to be discussing Total Space.

And the reason for that is a lot of reasons actually for so you know what we’re doing a remodeling projects are a lot of space that we have to work with and sometimes it goes on You Salon needed so are you discussing some options you have with that. so you have a lot of different that’s for example one of our basements right now it said we be huge huge on for the space you know I was so we can make that a storage space and many different things we do with it you know if you don’t have a bathroom we can make it the bathroom and there’s a lot of different options you can have but you know when I make sure that you we utilize space properly and making sure that it doesn’t go to waste nice weed makes you more designing basements that each basement has efficient are space and is using it properly So when you take a look at basement remodeling Milwaukee.

Look at all the projects that we’ve done in completed over the years and see all the testimony and said we have to have for it from our past clients and their different basements look at that utilize space we used for them and making sure that clean set needed to be added just to kind of make sure where you face the best I’m not making sure we’re wasting anything because we don’t want to make sure we don’t want to do create huge for the space where someone’s faces I used and is that a fish enough where we could but stuff but you know we want to make sure it is to the Bessie play so we don’t overspend on stuff that we don’t need it when you don’t want you have to be comes down to hear a basement remodel or can we make sure clients priority and we try to buy by the ideas of the Iguana stay in a bunch of Fortune sign happened here at basement remodeling Milwaukee and prices have gone up a lot after the remodeling industry and you know our work is the talking to herself for a selfie and we’ve won a white at the awards and so are markets always green so regardless of the price of you’re going to get the top notch top quality that there is on the market and we’re very proud of the work that we’ve done here at basement remodeling Milwaukee is our pictures and our clients have told you if you have called them to the testimonials or you just heard them to The Gallery at our website at Back to Basics Builders and you can see that there is a huge difference in Ann Arbor compared to somebody else’s.

There are a lot of different examples for us here anyways want to meet you where you see the total space and making sure that is great turn the basement turns out amazing feat order bathroom kitchen you know that’s another one of those two are not very big compared to basements as a space what is it you need to utilize the Space Odyssey abilities to our abilities and we do this is by making sure that we are parked or subcontractors are contractors they make sure that we can do stuff that we can do we tell her client so I will make sure we get Legendaries are Architects evolve over time.

Wallace make sure we can utilize space and see what we can do to help you create your dream of whether to train kitchen drain bathroom or treat basement we here at basement remodeling Milwaukee do it all and our work has shown us that we are able to do anything after work shows our clients and potential clients that work for the challenge of anything that you guys bring to us and it’s always a fun and entertaining time for us to help create design a beautiful basements and making sure that we are using utilizing the total space of you have and that we’re not wasting anything for you guys basement remodeling Milwaukee call Back to Basics builders.