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You know what drives me crazy? Toilets! Why are there so many different choices in toilets? It is crazy knowing how many different options we have for toilets. I don’t know what to say when it comes to toilet choices. What kind of toilet the brand of toilet and what else I don’t know what if you run out of toilet paper during a pandemic then you need a bidet. There are so many different kind of bidets that you can attach to your toilet or you can have a separate bowl used strictly for cleaning. I don’t know this is all new to me. There are electric bidets just push button and the tush is clean wow what a slogan to use! What do you think is best toilet paper or the bidet. Well I will be honest during the pandemic the bidet was a true consideration for our family. Pandemics can make people really crazy these days. I know at the top of my head I have 114 rolls of toilet paper. Of course that is toilet paper math. How do you manage to come to a product using toilet paper math. It’s the most confusing math ever! I do not know what to do when it comes to toilet paper math! I guess there are so many options we have the red neck bidet we have the tushy travel bidet and we have the electric bidet and there’s the tradition memoirs with the vertical spray bidet. I don’t know what you prefer I just need to be clean and that seems to be possible with even toilet paper. I am not one to be fancy I am just one to be clean. Basement remodeling milwaukee is also a team that likes to be clean. is always fresh in appearance and bo. Lets talk about cleanliness yes our team does every thing they can to be presentable and willing to work hard with one another in a professional setting. will be sure that we come to your home presentable and professional we will also be sure that you have every remodeling project need met including where to use the potty! We have included a great orientation that can help you work through not having a bathroom for your remodeling project. has always been a great place to schedule your remodeling project basement remodeling milwaukee is a great place to be and to get your bidet! Lets see what we can do for your bathroom remodeling project bidet or not we will get through your remodeling project with pride. does all they can with everything they are in a timely fashion. is a great and I love that I can move forward with our team at basement remodeling milwaukee we are here for you and your remodeling project needs. lets check out some fun stuff here at ! what can we do to help you with your remodeling project? Please call us and let us know we are ready for your call and to help you with your remodeling project needs! have you seen the newest camping ideas these are great suggestions for those who are going through remodeling projects that include the toilet! A bucket covered with a pool noodle and toilet paper threaded by the bucket handle. Its possible people to get through some of the worst of times in the most creative of ways! You can also just order a port a john. There are many options for you and your remodeling project. You can check them out on Pinterest or google. I have found so many different ideas that I am just blown away! You can get through any thing these days with a google search and faith! I love that I can get through almost anything and I can find great things on line and I can search any idea! This is great and I am so excited for it! Basement remodeling milwaukee is a great place to be! You need to call and schedule your remodeling project with us at we can schedule your free estimate today and get you on the calendar! Its great I love that we can always move forward with great things! Basement remodeling milwaukee is a place where we can come together and make sure your remodeling project is ready for anything! We are ready here with an orientation to help you with your remodeling project needs. lets take a look and see what else we can do besides figure out the toilet paper math problems given by Charmin! You know how confusing it can be to deal with your remodeling project needs and try to figure our toilet paper math. Like why on earth is it so hard to keep a clean tushy? I don’t know but I do know that we are the best at remodeling projects according to google we are the five-star company that keep it moving! Schedule your free estimate with us today and we can guarantee you will not have to do toilet paper math. You will thrive through your remodeling project and you will have a clean tush the entire time! This is what we live for! We live for our clients to be comfortable through their remodeling projects. basement remodeling projects are great and I am so happy to keep them going! Lets talk about our remodeling projects that have been completed. Basement remodeling milwaukee is excited to move forward with many different projects and we always look forward to doing great projects but we also know that there may not be good fits out there. So call us and learn about us let us know what your thoughts are with your remodeling project. We love to hear from you and we love that we can move forward with fun ideas to help[p you laugh through the toughest of times