Basement Remodeling Milwaukee | Sacrificing On Materials?

This content was written for Back to Basics Builders.

Hello good afternoon thank you for turning and again today is a great day I’m super excited to announce that we’re moving forward with a basement remodeling project and we have a few more that needs to come in & their proposal so we can go ahead and move forward with their remodeling projects I just want to let you know that covered is going to hell we’re super excited that we have some customers that just kind of put us on hold and then we can continue their projects later on but the most frustrating thing is not having as much business as we were having we know it’s going to pick up we know that things are turning around or in the process of turning around but I’ve we want you to know that we’re really excited we take precautions given the pandemic we wash our hands we use hand sanitizer we have mass and we have some gear at Back to Basics Builders basement remodeling Milwaukee we want you to know that we’re here to accommodate you and our customers and that we actually enjoy this when our livelihood is taking back a few steps we kind of find ways to continue their in to accommodate different needs and I know that we’re in depends on making things can change and it gets frustrating it gets really frustrating and it hurts us but at the same time we know that God prevails and that we have favor and it just I’m in all of this because that last night I was listening to alives Bible study if you will and in this Bible study is it talks about the Rock’s crying out for us and if we don’t praise and build our house is on the Rocks we’re going to be tore down we going to be a Shipwrecked and this lesson that I learned was just it was incredible last night and this is a process God has prepared us to go through a process and it’s all in his timing that he’s going to give us a promise and when and they aren’t your preparedness has to meet his timing and once you’re done with this part of it God is just Spam is all going to hit you and I just I want everybody to be prepared a back-to-basics Builders basement remodeling Milwaukee and I have always considered a Ministry of women and not necessarily just rising up the rising up in face and learning that they have an independence that their joy that nothing can be taken from and everything that they felt was taken will be regained and I always wanted this to be a center I’m for women and children and a Multicultural multigenerational Center with four women by women and of course I’m serving minorities and the disparity is within the demographics given is crazy so when we talked about remodeling I’ve totally been talking to myself because there’s so much we can be doing through this process of covid-19 spans I make and all of these different things that we can bring for through all of us and I just want people to know that this is not just a time to remodel your home but it’s a time to remodel your Lifestyles it’s a time to remodel you it’s a time to remodel your brains and to transform and this Bible verse just keeps coming to mind at Back to Basics Builders basement remodeling Milwaukee me to sometimes read the Bible here and one of them is be transformed by the renewing of your mind and every day it’s a process to just wake up and see build your mind up but I have really been working throughout the days renewing my mind moments to moment you know sometimes we always get stuck in a moment in the morning and an attitude and a funk and sometimes we just got to stop and say you know what I’m just going to renew my mind and after speaking it over and over and over and speaking it over and over and over you start to feel transformation you start to grow you start some more you start to understand what is meant when God tells you you know renew yourself in me you know he’s going to direct us and he’s going to bless us with leadership and we’re going to rise up and this time and the humble will will just take 4th and we’ll rise and become something and it’s just been the craziest thing and at we’ve been here for days and days and days and looking at our agendas and looking at our Google calendars and looking at our new tasking models and I love it I love that we can do this I love that we can along together I love that we’re always learning new things and we’re always moving along to do new things and at Back to Basics Builders basement remodeling Milwaukee we always want to encourage our customers to always be on top of things always consider yourself blessed and favored and all these know that during this time we’re not just remodeling your home but we’re hoping that you take this time to enjoy moments of self-care and don’t forget about you throughout your remodeling process give us a call today at Back to Basics Builders basement remodeling Milwaukee 414-460-0075 we can also move forward with you on our contact page on the website Back to Basics and we can get your contact information and move forward there and it’ll be a blessing and we can work together and we can transform your home into a house and bring a new functionality and new life and new beginnings and just know that when you’re remodeling your home you’re not just remodeling the tangible you’re going through this cutting process you’re going through this cookie cutter process in your taking off these unnecessary pieces and you’re moving forward with greatness and that’s what Back to Basics Builders does as we do greatness