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This content was written for Back to Basics Builders.

Well now that we have done the basement demo clean up and stopped the leaking into the basement from the outside lets continue with our imagination of how our plans will work back to basics builders basement remodeling Milwaukee has ideas too they would like to share with us so for now lets rest take a break and enjoy what we can of this weather first we can take the family to the park and yes we can take the dog I know how much she means to you the door opened the kids started to run the air hit my nose and it turned a bright red the tips of my ears frozen holy cows what did I get myself into this is nuts I wish I could make an indoor outdoor playground with natural elements but I guess that Is what the zoo is for baby please leash the dog she cannot run through the park and bite.

People its inappropriate she is loud and feisty we know she will almost bite people and as my grandfather taught me almost doesn’t count except in hand grenades and horse shoes be careful now we are going to cross the street from the alley then we can walk and run freely gosh this wind what was I thinking again I should have put on the snow pants and the ski coat lets follow the trail goodness look at the kids and the dog they must have had cabin fever running through the field falling in the snow they will be drenched soon im glad they are dressed for this hey speaking of drenched I had a question about the basement would you consider adding a wall and have a partial laundry room that supported the pups too and the kids almost like a dog park and laundry room in one better than a mudroom and not necessarily part of the rec room do you think we can have back to basics builders install a small shower for the pump with a faucet and connecting hose I would love it if we could consider opening some of the space to accommodate.

The animals as well imagine how many times we carried those dogs through the house hair everywhere partially falling into the drain and causing back ups think about the amount of time you could save using the snake to open the drain up again and the drano we buy just think about it back to basics builders basement remodeling Milwaukee would build a tiled shower maybe tiled for feet high with a small step in tiled floor as the base then we can have the faucet come from the middle of the tiled walls the shower could fit in one of the corners the only negative would be the attempted showers the kids would take in it I know we struggle with a space for animal dirt the caca they come with the mud and poop they roll in can be simply washed off in the basement there would be no more carpet no more mold etc what are your thoughts the laundry space we have doesn’t need much room I think maybe a industrial shelf between the two sets of washer and dryers then we can limit the space we are using for the kids stuff I mean we have so much almost as if we are hoarders I hate it its sad we should only be storing stuff we currently use on shelves like holiday stuff and supplies cleaning products etc I wish I it was warmer outside I would totally get a dumpster and toss a bunch of stuff in it in fact I might take some to the office and dump it out back to basics builders basement remodeling Milwaukee needs permits and includes dumpster fees for their demos and removals isnt that crazy I feel so bad for people who need to clean their homes during emergency disasters like hopefully that city excuses fees for proper use of our waste system oh kids please be careful.

Do you see little munchkin shes getting stronger as the days go by I cannot wait to provide her with a new basement with no mold to play in a safe place without wires hanging at back to basics builders basement remodeling Milwaukee the electrician will come out and look at all the wires I am happy they are all exposed and not hiding on us and that we have never ever had problems with plugging anything in although it looked so nice with the paneling and drop ceiling hiding all of those mistakes oh goodness do you see the oldest he is jumping off the slide goodness gracious they make me nervous sometimes well now that we have talked it through what are your thoughts I think adding a space for the animal is going to be great we could even clean flash in the basement im sure he wouldn’t mind he loves being handled and social with the kids including the baby I am going to wash him good this weekend I will let him swim in the sink in the bathroom then we can add soap if necessary im so excited but if we have the pups shower installed we can clean flash’s cage in the pup shower and I would have a hose for cleaning it out that would be so helpful im sure back to basics builders basement remodeling Milwaukee could add the pup bath and it would be such a benefit for us let think about the tile we could use just small square tiles we don’t need anything massive or a ton of surface are to cover do you think it’s a great idea to have a pup shower maybe im being over zealous over the idea it was in a magazine and I think it would be great in our basement as part of the laundry room.

I know its possible but im sure it isnt necessary as we know back to basics builders basement remodeling Milwaukee reminds us that different ideas may add cost so consider the time spent with labor the materials at cost and then remember the subcontractor needed would be a plumber and plumbing is usually way more expensive than the electrician so remember that always their services may double that of an electrician I am pretty sure I went into the wrong field of study so I must remember always what is practical what is necessary and what was our original design plan and purpose of the project lets get home and dry off the kids and dog and schedule her a grooming appointment.