This is where we can be Find Kyle find is that where you going I was just drive out there to what time do you to be there 9 who’s changing things to Yellow show me off the new thing as of right now proposals are green color green for gel what can what’s going to be black then okay right which basement remodeling Milwaukee ones would like yeah all right you should change it then on the left consider reminders just put like estimate appointments as yellow yeah you don’t like we’re ahead like the key of all the colors will you look at it I get the yellow the yellow such a move dude can we keep Friday pretty open guys like it’s looking like an awesome sweatpants day I’m just thinking Friday looking like the day all three of us can wear sweatpants you wouldn’t Mackenzie doesn’t work Fridays  the wedding guest this week all my friendsSet timer for.

30 I basement remodeling Milwaukee might I’m not December 3rd Wiki now I’m picking up my appointments at 9:30 you should go to about noon so realistically I can probably get back here at 1 but I don’t know how to be feeling I would say a month in advance is enough time Kyle you looking for like 2 months that’s more time than anybody else gets for one day not for one day for one day that’s my that’s my vacation I get those. I don’t see the way the way I look at vacation though it’s like we don’t have vacation days where you feel like I’m just like missing out on like a week and I would suck I got that’s a tough one to bounce back from sometimes yeah but you mean that in your pay is way different all it’s way different you get like you get like a high schooler salary for the week drinking money.

I wasn’t invited if I was going to go on vacation to be like in April or something when basement remodeling Milwaukee you have days off yeah I like the snow I like I like the way I don’t mind winter like it’s fine like I actually accept like side jobs as like shoveling snow I like doing that I just like shoveling snow I don’t know why and I like snow plow it like snow blower it’s fun I got a guy this winter I’m probably going to work I mean it’s a Long Day’s but should be good money is like 30 bucks an hour this guy pays just so you don’t do snow removal with snow blower and shoveling and stuff but I mean the problem with that is like when it’s known as those people are out at like 4 a.m. clear and everything so I would have to go like 4 a.m. till like 7:38 and then come here fast right I’m sure this guy’s got it I used basement remodeling Milwaukee to work for him.

How do you spell the phrase get a truck with a plow on it now I think I’ll be cool color black 4 black mask just cancel your appointment care about yours.  I want you already a picture So should I go with value will I add how can we can do that I really like twice but I’ll go I’ll take it if I show up to the last minute then yeah that’s true that means you should call Kim the photographer for her way of yours probability see what you think before why you tell me to call Kim yeah oh yeah because then I said well if she shows up no one’s there then she’ll call her she never called us so she must not have never shown up or she just gave up see how there’s no Judith when she was 45 minutes late speak English all right that’s all you going to go unless she didn’t know that she had it or did you schedule it free check sorry sorry Judith she said she she said she was she had to go out of her way to sit there on that day so just like I just don’t feel like waiting around if I don’t have to was next Friday right whoa number is this that you call me basement remodeling Milwaukee yes hideous looking forward because we haven’t been able to get anybody out here cuz nobody wants to work out here no but that’s what I’m assuming was the rest of the text that’s why he was so excited.

I’m going to skip that one cuz I think my call in sick from 4 p.m. to 5 p.m. tomorrow just let you know.  for the end of the day maybe I’ll try never know the weird things I eat We have to deal with I have a few more Looks like Jose but numbered or finally I mean that the horse has been basement remodeling Milwaukee chilling for awhile.  next word is back on for the Brewers I don’t really get the the whole on honey, I just don’t get that single-season save leader Psych Craig Hill call back Craig was  baby Craig’s on lunch but why were you scheduled so probably just because like he said you can call it whatever time they said I will call around noon it’s probably why cuz that’s usually how it is with the phone for this again you can just call currently he probably did not put it in the schedule I’m saucy all people are I don’t want to see what Eric Thames was up to these days when he’s playing for Orsi’s right now really opens the room up there’s no door right there kind of like how it looks now even with the window paint it clear they basement remodeling Milwaukee give the impression of it just to give the impression of a window we can get the plexiglass I want break again. play some plexiglass in there. Give us a call today!