Yes if we have this basically we were like where’d you get that done Clear apps got it done you know that I’m going to watch with dogs and you know why I’m here I’m just going to keep like Stone basement remodeling Milwaukee skipping in the real thing on the SportsCenter Top 10 right now that I’m watching so sketches launch is it holy cow that thing is that’s so cool the way it did that that’s insane how you get 42 either way is I’m looking at this one apple mm yes so there’s a lot going on there and ask.  at cut 3:15 today is the. last day of looks like today is the last day of the Olympics so let’s see what we got going on here by 5 p.m. basketball men’s gold is at Easter time supposed to be 9:30 p.m..

So 9:30 I could probably watch that game it would be kinda exciting move the gold basement remodeling Milwaukee medal match for beach volleyball around that same time but that’s going to be on CNBC is karate tonight there’s boxing I mean there’s a woman’s bronze-medal game going on at Serbia versus France for basketball I’m. so it’s exciting and there’s baseball baseball gold medal game with the USA versus Japan on which I did not know but that all that bad men’s bronze medal game would be Slovenia versus basement remodeling Milwaukee Australia and I think something is going to win that one with Luka doncic Brazil versus Spain in the gold medal match for soccer we also have like I’m so that’s pretty exciting I don’t really know.

I can look up like Spain’s football Olympic roster, I don’t know exactly like what we’re all going to give but I’m going to look it up when I go from there I’m going to look up right now all this pain Olympic roster look up football cell phone Mama Sue’s on their team soccer 1/2 words play I don’t even think so I guess I’m happy I don’t know Tokyo which is kicks off at see their goal is our see if I know any of them Fernandez Center The Guess Who is. playing for Barcelona they have linguica Garcia purple Torres I know that one midfielders see if I do anybody know don’t know anybody there 4 words like I said play like for good teams and then I just don’t know I want the Olympics I mean I think they probably just take the World Cup more seriously than the basement remodeling Milwaukee Olympics honestly do at that other than that though we can see that see what the preview is I don’t know who time Brazil okay It doesn’t look like it is the see if I know any around vinicius is actually on the team which is cool don’t even think I don’t know what’s happening but it’s Junior how much does Pauline Elizabeth who I know but other than that there’s not much else going on there I’m love you more turn it off you mean the more you look at it the more it’s just like a normal thing I’m especially in the sports world.  room for some reason Robinhood is still doing things I don’t even know what that is okay. The fuzzy has been saying it seems like my heart has been played really well lately I’m so if basement remodeling Milwaukee you’re going to the stats I mean.  probably tied for the league lead in the game started which is kind of ridiculous American funny videos best season was definitely 2012 through 2015 for the better pictures in the league you have finished fourth in cyan boating in 2013 I know a lot of people don’t really like.

Them so for me only one strike out but even before that he was going on at are there cut 22.1 innings 12 * 1.8 he was playing really well thanks for mowing all right The Weekend let me let you go to a c make a car like this one. I don’t know June 2nd 544 minutes better you can go from the last 8 games is going to 379 the area 40 strikeouts so you look to be a little bit better but nothing too crazy we’re going to go to that movie the show Diamond Dynasty database because honestly I haven’t been on this thing in a while that’s what see what some of the best players are there just some imported. players now I need to go down this Larry Walker card 125 contact me a Peerless like that good of a Fielder make you make yours a 99 overall Prince Fielder powertrains and Lefty’s I mean it’s off the charts leave me wonder Franco be the number 99 she basement remodeling Milwaukee would be the guy to have any Pete Alonso was pretty ridiculous when it comes to heading who said that it doesn’t make sense we can get your game set up again on your computer I’m about to load seeds.

I came back I don’t even know where any of my lightsabers are anymore well there’s somewhere I mean no no are you tired whoa what was that one where is it oh I see it see my. lightsaber Sage oh you know I don’t want to go in there anyone there just hang out you should grab your iPad we can hang out with iPads are there ik yeah and then there’s another one that’s there see it we going in not bringing anything with you just going in to here you think everything’s cool on YouTube we can watch whoops watch sports stuff Church on fishing schedule versus Captain. listening is ketchup better have basement remodeling Milwaukee you ever seen these guys they’re talking about if ketchup is better if it’s from glass plastic or the packets catch up which one tastes the best this one is.