It looks a lot of people that and I feel like based on my years be a natural part of column  and I’m not a part basement remodeling Milwaukee of recruiting process  interesting so they pretty much said that if you didn’t really like interesting what you said about that but you’re not much else going on there on the free look at the when I’m starving already I mean maybe not yeah it looks pretty ridiculous when it’s end when it’s on what’s a formal hit has hit that’s something really ridiculous I’m from you’ll Reyes or something from Love Puerto Plata 6 he’s got going on here it seems to 50 with two RBIs I got a couple home runs all pretty good Jose Ramirez’s leave your what he’s been able to do he definitely was probably a yeah so been an All-Star few times so I’m guessing I’ll be 17 years basement remodeling Milwaukee part of the month Silver Slugger okay so you 3 times and three-time All-Star that’s good for him yeah he’s very much.

I always wanted to be an ass but if you look here it’s good they’re beating up on the Cardinals because the reds are going to try to make a push all right now Blue Jays tigers are beating the twins One Direction way worse than the Tigers I’m somebody’s going off on the Tigers as we speak it’s going to be something DL is Cuba do is playing really good again you got double I’m another double for him and then a pitching I know it’s it looks like it would be really always really pretty ridiculous to see a really good this year to school Walker Buehler huge if you looking at the Giants versus basement remodeling Milwaukee Dodgers that is a huge Series right now kissing each other for the wild card it looks like we just need to Wendy division, because other than that 34 wins has the worst team right now in the Baltimore 31 for the Diamondbacks have no idea who they would need to 13 early turn it around but I guess it’s not my job to figure out we have a Give me mock draft is what I was going to look at or what I was looking at before I look at it one more time here most recent 86 hours ago one that looks like it’ll be yet Wells from the what’s going on there twerk on second round I don’t even know what the box to the Bucks basement remodeling Milwaukee game all the ones in Delafield appreciated not having too many sheets no stay free she added that is only two of them so she said fantastic baby I don’t know what we I don’t know we usually drop off like the normal 3 for Sheets basement lights bright white that was her her take away I said I said all right won’t take up these cookies back you can it be at holes with that attitude now they went they were fine I want to see what do you later on Geyser time being rejected at is the jail in Johnsonville Acres.

Anybody that plays overseas is a guy that I would trust that specially in the late rounds even have a pic I think they do have you surprised you here to Quentin Grimes pick another while he’s out of Houston thank you the guy that everybody like Tandy basement remodeling Milwaukee would be pretty cool for him to make it into the NBA he was the best player for Illinois he’s a 6-5 in the Box duties a little bit more cards up especially with how to say believe in girls going to get drafted but last I was going to the second round right you some chicken fry then needs to go in the second round and has a project to be that good but create with the name is Davion Mitchell is lame I don’t know if you can play it but Toyota Stadium Mitchell is a is a guy that they would look at their BJ Boston will be kind of cool that I have known that name is going on there if we look at like Sam Hauser from Virginia is just a shooter I don’t know if you’ll make it to the NBA I’ll take that. Erin Sharpe and the wheels have Primo Aruba A very good picture of the Raptors as opposed to Kyle Lowry all see where Davion Mitchell is going to go and he’s like money eyes on. They are going to load basement remodeling Milwaukee here here’s to Mingo magic that be pretty exciting for them.

Title Audi for that but There it is so it goes add it again awesome it looks good so we look at this thing from the Wagner I don’t really know much about his name drones Corey kispert would be a really good one to pick their does Warriors India Mitchell she’s available to go in there between the Warriors take I don’t like him as much he’s not a great he’s I think he’s amazing people 2 player I think that’s where basement remodeling Milwaukee his upside is really really good for a contending team so if we go here and keep looking there. It’s pretty exciting for the draft. right so if we keep looking there then we also have.  feels like a lot more than just that yeah I don’t really like all that part of my arm is starting to get here on that so what get rid of that that’s pretty indoor however it is what it is I’m going to have to put this out will get 6 done for the day if we get five for the rest of the week cuz like Prince 6 4 will be of 14 move 6 if we get 4 end 14 19 homeboy realistic 3 like whenever there’s that we’ll figure that out 3 each day then cuz I did six today but when I guess I’ll figure that one.