Basement Remodeling Milwaukee | Baths and Wet Bars

This content was written for Back to Basics Builders.

Today is the day today is the day that we get to have our bathroom shower and bath installed we get to pick out the bathtub and we get to pick out the faucet im sure the plumber knows to put in the converter tub and shower converter you know what I am talking about they run about 32.00 at the home depot store yea that think I wonder what it will be like I wonder if the tub will be free standing and we will need a new shower to add to it im so confused at that whole process do we add a freestanding shower curtain from the ceiling or do we put it in a tiled space with class doors or do we manage to keep the space open and hang something from the ceiling but then the curtain might touch you and that’s terrible maybe a freestanding tub is not the answer I don’t want to put too much in one space I would like to make the shower space bigger and brighter maybe tile the walls and the floor and take out the tub and add a blow up pool when necessary that would be okay I am okay with that idea well at back to basics builders basement remodeling Milwaukee you don’t have to know you can browse online ideas you can speak your vision and your estimate will be drawn up for you that is why I love back to basics builders they never pressure you into what is simple what is easy what is cheaper they teach practical I need versus want and that works for me I love it I love that I can count on back to basics builders basement remodeling Milwaukee because when I want to add a full bath to my basement it needs to be practical who will use it when will it be used and is it practical in price for my family is it going to be affordable lets explore the different types of showers so there are those with multiple jets there are the I feel the rain type of shower and then there are those that waterfall on your head and there are those ones that have high pressure and sting your skin so we can opt out of some simply because we may not like the sting of the skin at back to basics builders basement remodeling Milwaukee they will research your idea and show it to you before its purchased I love watching the laborers come together and think and process through the box and then think outside of the box it brings joy they are unified they are strong together they are all different but they are all ready to work hard as individuals to bring your dream to reality I love this team lets see what else kind of showers are available so for tub shower combos it is true there would have to be a tiled floor and tiled walls all around then you would have to use rods from the ceiling now if I was selling the house perfect but not the case my toddler can finally get out of the tub herself I will keep my tub and retile the walls yes that works the best keep the floor as is and update a vanity and the sink and we are done sounds so easy right but nope we need back to basics builders basement remodeling Milwaukee to come in and give us their estimate I want to know how much it will cost and how long it may take to update the bathroom I am on a 2000.00 budget that is what I have saved and ready to just give for a bathroom I am happy I am excited with this new space I am ready to tear it down and build it up I am ready it makes me feel so happy to know where I am today and where I was last year even six months ago to the world you have no idea what people are going through so stay humble and kind always do your best to make someone’s life better always know that we are not just remodelers we are back to basics builders basement remodeling Milwaukee and we know what humans go through and we know human kind and we know to be the change the difference the calm to the storm we are those people we know what hurt is we know growth and we know struggle we know mistakes we know joy we know humble we know integrity we know how to be strong we know when to relax we know when to push forward and be strong we know when we have to work longer hours and rest when we can we know when we need that extra cup of coffee best of all we know what each other may need and we do our best to accommodate that through the day we are strength in numbers we are kind and understanding I cant express how amazing the team is at back to basics builders we will maintain your budget through our mistakes we are those people sincere and genuine I cannot tell you any more how great because it all comes down to our words not being enough so give back to basics builders a call and let them know you need people of integrity working with you and you need people who are sincere and genuine in your home people that are honest and people that are meant to be remodelers in your home we have a team that will take your basement apart add a bathroom and a living space and to think this discussion started with a tub and shower combo because that is what I opted for something simple keep the tub and work around it rip out the existing shower rod and redo the tile from tub to ceiling this time repaint one wall and add curtains to the window then it will be done my floor will stay the same im happy to announce I still have left over flooring for the vanity space once that is ripped out how exciting to finally star fresh and making changes yay me.