It’s a submarine at down for today we create a few of these on I don’t have to run around and get the cats flooring basement remodeling Milwaukee  today definitely to get that title and going to go from there.  actually not much else going on there is an absolute 40 size other than that though I mean they’re looking for painting and go from there Mommy well then it can’t be me.

I can’t move when she comes back Builders this is Ryan he’s always come back to me.  it always comes back to me for some reason always back to me she can’t be in the what’s the weather who’s racing who’s racing I can’t wait resume my way I’m watching Brian with a close second are you going to go into track stage All right so we. are  exciting but now my headphones are basement remodeling Milwaukee recording the sound but we here and then we’ll go from there in shootouts happen don’t know what’s going on but update on Isis in English Hey Joe I watched the finale this morning that match up at 6 I had I was up at 6 to Taylor Taylor gets off at 6 I have really not much to do for a couple hours so I’m always here so early can I get bored I just want to sit at home like I’ll just sit in the parking lot and lay down lay down in the parking lot that’s that’s what I do but previous Nelly I like last week’s episode better just give me a season no there’s a season 2 how they’re doing it for sure so that’s why the finale wasn’t like what you would expect for a friend that’s up to four season 2.

It was a good it was a good episode two episode one of the better ones basement remodeling Milwaukee but kind of spoil it did you watch on Wednesday the new Marvel what if show came out that’s pretty cool yeah I didn’t think I would like it the first time tonight by thoroughly enjoyed it’s only 20 minutes it’s fun to watch the first episode it’s like the first episode it is basically what is Peggy Carter became Captain America and Steve Rogers no way they said off like the Multiverse is kind of cool it’s Canon so I watch it like that what if show it’s canon in like the Multiverse.  bigger hey Greg I’m so I was just calling to let you know I dropped off and also talk to you real quick it wasn’t in the plan for today okay we’re going to see every player say they’re there we watch Lance Stephenson there’s no way I would want him on the team what’s at the Lakers game doing if you look at Corbin Burnes when it comes to what he is in the MLB basement remodeling Milwaukee I mean he’s a guy that should be a you know I say okay if I should be leaving soon words of 21 really know what that’s all about but heading for the summer we can say what if we look to see where the birds are at I mean we can see you We can see that they’re still going to be in first place.  however they just games of row so if you’re the White Sox you’re not going to be too excited about not the White Sox for the Reds on tonight that played Pittsburgh at 6:05 another one there 8 games above basement remodeling Milwaukee

Cincinnati that 70 wins which is second in the right now the most wins in the league actually on second most wins in a week with Tampa Bay so it’s pretty exciting on the Feel Again Woodforest 70 and 46 Min that is a very good team.  I don’t know I don’t know how I don’t know how to do red 7 the Mets verse Nationals Edwin Diaz got another save Orchestra with having a very good season the feet went to International yesterday so. that’s I think I  that’s exciting Cardinals beat the Pirates really I know something to be shocked about Phillies beat the Dodgers okay so for the Phillies are playing pretty good Avery Bradley 71 this is a really bad song 17 rounds for the work Oakland which is kind of cool on the right beat the Braves 12 to 3 but they gained 0 ground on the the game 0 round Tigers lost another one on you Darvish cut the losses not pitching bad this year but Giants are still in first place will be upset about that if we looking player stats.  you’re at RBIs I mean play Crow Junior really should be in the VP candidate oh well he’s basement remodeling Milwaukee been hitting some I know Tony is still doing what I need to end his butt will be nice to see you soon bases with Berry field throwing bar to a lot of these guys are kind of running away from it so it’s good to see that they’re going back to me and you guys are just everywhere is going to be the worst franchise the worst sports franchises 20th be Orioles the Orioles are good they don’t want this play after I would be the mirror.

I however you look up the worst team of the 2010s Oregon City 2013 by the Tigers I guess the Marlins are beautiful decade standings that mean for those Orioles with 755 the White Sox are good against oh America’s right to man the Marlins are just horrible and a I’ve been really bad for a while now Beautiful Girls lyrics Boosie the Padres Rockies in the freezer all out there too so. This is the end of the paragraph and the way that i want to end this story because it is the way it needs to end that way i feel i am saying end way too much. If you have questions or concerns about services or our pricing please give us a call today!