Okay so how are your on to the Third Article of this stretch. And I definitely think that I am kind of getting a good start today basement remodeling Milwaukee. I really want to try and get a lot of these going this morning. Because I don’t have it in your town later tonight so if I get bored this morning that we create. See her. She requested realtor drop off today I’m assuming I will and if I can’t I was going to ask if I can maybe go tomorrow if anything just because I know I have a lot going on today we shall see it sometimes it’s hard to kind of determine and I know there’s a couple places don’t show her that I really need to get you to drop off some information but I’m just I really do hate driving my car anywhere I will let rather just send them something in the mail but I mean we need to get face out there and let her keep her presents like know so yeah but so I know the last article I talked about talked about the different kinds of appliances you can get. So I didn’t really get to that so I’m going to talk about that now and this one just about the different kinds of plants that you can have. I mean just putting in a generation that we do there are so many different options of appliances that you can look at. And I mean it’s not just like the types but like the different varieties for each type basement remodeling Milwaukee.

Like they saw like all the different kinds of bridges that are available are in saying that they’re literally fridges that are like touchscreen like I just find that so bizarre like the fact that like they’re making like touchscreen Poor Richard’s. I like there are some bridges at like you can like talk to and like it’s just crazy to think I like all the stuff that they’re making these days and so I guess it’s just one thing that I came to buy and it’s just a different kinds of bridges that are out there. And I mean not only it can you pick this size but you can pick like do you want a freezer Incorporated in your fridge. Do you want the freezer on the bottom where do you want to go out the side do you want the freezer to be big do you want to be smaller do you want the freezer to be a door or do you want it to be a drawer.

Like there are just so many Limitless options for just fridges alone but then like looking at it again like stoves like there are incredible amount of different kinds of stoves. That’s what he would like to scotting the different colors of these appliances like you can give black white stainless steel red blue like either 74 colors of appliances. As far as cells grow like others like this 11, which is obviously the most common one you can get just like a like a burner top but I think that when you usually only see if they have like it placed in like an island or something I think that would stuff like that is comment. But I know it’s becoming a little bit more, just because a lot of people want the double ovens. Oh and the table 11 is just something that like goes like using a tower cabinet and it’s just like two ovens top a bottle but you can control the temperature of both of them basement remodeling Milwaukee.

And I don’t have to hook a lot they really like that because they can make two different dishes at the same time but I 2 different temperatures. I know the guy ran into this you where I’ll be making two things that need to be in the oven but they need to be like 400 for 25 or 4:25 to 3:25. And so then you just put the timing and how long it’s coming for a lot more. Whereas like if you had two ovens you can just kind of throwing the stuff in there and eventually do cooking or are we done but not everybody can make before that or has a larger space to that. I was wondering appliances I can’t abide you to talk about this article are just like difficult job beverage fridge is. There’s a lot of people have seemed like little kids still have like a smaller fridge like in a lower cabinet specialist for children with a juice and water and stuff like that. Just because I want to make any more independent like you don’t have to get out constantly until they refill what they wanted to drink basement remodeling Milwaukee.

And then that allows them to kind of learning get stuff for themselves. And feel like I think that’s a really good idea and just let me that frees up spacing like the fridge for like other like food or stuff like that. I’ll just because I know like search Paste Me limited especially if you are sure like bigger family that plays probably like you’re more limited. Another apply 15 from work I’m going to pick white princess basement remodeling Milwaukee.

People don’t like to put those above that I see more in the bar area. Just because it’s obvious you don’t want to be accessible to children because you don’t want to bring in that kind of thing. So I feel like I feel a voice in those bars what the f. Three more days. I actually saw one I was watching Property Brothers and they actually have like a microwave drawer. Like it was just a stalled deep drawer that you pull out a nose a microwave and I don’t think I would love it because you can’t see it. I like being able to see into the microwave and I don’t think you could with us basement remodeling Milwaukee.