Basement Remodeling Milwaukee | Storing All Of Your Mancave Stuff

This content was written for Back to Basics Builders.

Hi I am at it again yes today I will discuss the storage situation how do you store your things do you store them in a basement or in a closet or do you store them in an empty room or do you have bed raisers and store them your belongings under your bed well let me tell you I use all the above I have a storage for kids clothes I have a storage for things not used but twice a year I have things in the basement I have things in closets I have things all over my house I have things in bins I have things in huge ziplocks also my favorite way to store things in my life I love vacuum shrinking my storage especially stuffed the animals I should have had a no stuffed the animals allowed on every invitation to a birthday party and every life event ever I love that there are so many solutions to so many different types of storage I love that back to basics builders basement remodeling Milwaukee can create rooms for us to store things I love that I can vacuum seal them tight and they don’t smell like another room or the space they have been in for years at basement remodeling Milwaukee they will also clear your storage would you really know if somethings were taken for storage and put into another place of use what would you do I honestly can tell you I have no idea what outfits I have of my baby girls I have no clue as to what she was wearing when we were in the hospital and I have no idea what is downstairs in our basement that is why we called back to basics builders basement remodeling Milwaukee and had them come in and get rid of a lot of things I went through most of what I could and then it felt fresh it felt like growth it felt like we were moving forward it felt so good I know the kids will have more stuffed the animals I know they will have bore blankets I know they will have more memories with different objects but I am so happy I ridded everything from their rooms from when they were toddlers and that every Christmas I only save a few things but now I am at overflow and I cannot take it this weekend I will start removing all the items from our side of the basement and I will give them to families in need I have reached out to a few families already and have drops offs planned at back to basics basement remodeling Milwaukee we will bring out a dumpster and will have all your items that you no longer want in the trash I love that we do this as a team and that no one has to throw out every memory it bring back memories some people have shelves and shelves of belongings that they may want to keep but that is why there is technology and we can save things on phones and in drop boxes and we can revisit them I know my baby boy was given some items from his biological mother I removed everything from his room and put them in storage containers as we rebuilt his room and added décor to make it more functioning he never had increased tantrums his tantrums decreased and he now has a desire to want to behave and do things to be good and to make a difference he can comfort others through their pain and he can understand some things kids shouldn’t have to but it makes him that much more helpful and that much more understanding and empathetic to others part of me wants to trash those stuffed toys and part of me wants to keep everyone to show him the one thing his mom gave him as a baby was one stuffed animal how do you make that sound great I don’t know at back to basics builders basement remodeling Milwaukee we overcome obstacles with you the dilemmas and we know you can only do what is best for you and your family its hard and its heart wrenching at times but is it something we ask ourselves is it something we need counsel for or is it the feels of moving on whatever it is its going to feel much better once you can add to those memories lets take a peek what else can we take apart the toys the clothes and the old wedding décor that we have in the basement that can all go to the trash when are we ever going to use these decorations ever again I am so happy that many people sell their things on this new technology but I am not the most outgoing person and I am very hesitant that I may meet a murderer and then I freak myself out and I am done completely done with everything and I just save my stuff but this time it is leaving my home I am going to create a space for my babies that they will love and I will live on with the memories via technology I will only have Christmas decorations left to store in my home so sad but so refreshing I love it I have mixed emotions and it’s a good thing will have swept the basement I will have vacuumed and I will have taken down the nasty cabinets filled with 12 year old gallons of paint wow the freshness I can fell at back to basics builders basement remodeling Milwaukee have no fear we will definitely take things to the dumpster for you this is definitely not something you have to be responsible for this is something that you have an option to be a part of your memories being taken to the dump I am excited for this new chapter in my life I am happy that I can rebuild my home and add to the memories that were already there I am so excited to see the new clean basement without water running in and around the washer and dryer a flooding basement with sewer all over the floor and I am just happy that it all can be taken care of at once I would like to add lights and possibly a ceiling but we will see what the estimate says we need and compared to what we want.