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This content was written for Back to Basics Builders.

Good morning today is a great day here at Back to Basics builders we are going to have a lot of fun today please at our staff meeting at. This afternoon we had a great staff meeting and we talked about a lot of upcoming events. We talked a lot about some good new customers. We talked about our revenue and we talked about how to improve it from here out to the end of the year. I love our staff meetings on fridays. We have learned from them and we continue to add to them every week. Things continue to improve here at basement remodeling milwaukee. I love that we can all unite and come together. This week was long but we all got through it together. The weather was nasty and rainy. We all struggled with the thought of it being crazy cold and difficult for travel. Basement remodeling milwaukee is a place where we can all be together and I enjoy it. I love that we can all come together and help each other! is a great place to be! Let me tell you what we are all doing together here. We have not only unified but we continue to make a lot of great things! is fun when you can make things great. is a great place to be and a place to help one another and a place to schedule your remodeling project. How many times have you considered your remodeling project. I know that i have considered mine so many times. I have finally finished my kitchen minus the curtains. I cannot wait to hang some curtains but first my baby girls curtains come first! The rest of the year i will tidy up the projects we have completed and enjoy the holidays. In spring i plan on working on my bathroom! I know for sure i plan on looking into a new curtain rod some bathroom curtains and new pain and maybe some fun bathroom color for the base of my vanity. I have yet to choose a color! I want it to pop like crazy. I am really considering a red but may settle for a navy colored base. Basement remodeling milwaukee is so fun and exciting! I love when we can come together and make a change! I love it! This winter i am going to consider gift cards to menards and home depot for my christmas gifts. is a great exciting time!  I love when we can do great things together. What are some of the colors that you have seen in a bathroom? I am super excited and pumped about the bathroom being done with color. The kitchen I updated was a bit neutral. I used a lot of gray and natural lime stoned colors. But a we unite and create new things. I want the bathroom to be kid friendly with a bit of country. I hope i can find what i am looking for. I know that if i search upcoming bathroom vanity colors navy pops up first. I don’t know how i feel about a navy vanity. I am definitely more bright than navy blue. I am so tired right now i feel like i can wait until next summer to start another project. I think i will enjoy the seasons and just sit back and do the fun stuff while my baby is potty training. Maybe when she get a little taller we can move around to have a fun bathroom until then we will work on what we got. I know remodeling takes time and i know that upgrades take time and i dont wanna start another project until i have the rest of the house completed with decor. I feel like I have the foundations complete and the rest is just sitting waiting to be done. I love that can unite, create and complete great things. I am really excited for the upcoming holidays and I was roaming around this weekend and a few stories of course it was my daughter’s 3rd birthday. Basement remodeling Milwaukee has really taught me to Value the time that I have with my family. As I was walking around stores I found a ton of different Christmas decor and at the same time Halloween decor. I was a bit confused and wondering if covid-19 did even the retail in our society. I know there aren’t I only went for a shoe rack that ultimately did not fit in my hallway bummer. Basement remodeling Milwaukee gets really excited when we unite together recreate new great things and it makes me happy inside and makes my heart warm. I love that I can walk into a store and gather thoughts and ideas and Implement them throughout our home and it just it makes life easier. I love that I can come together with some great ideas and I can use these ideas not just in the homes of our clients but also in my own home. I definitely have been using my home as a practice home and learning new different techniques in updating things regularly. I love that I can walk into a bathroom and change three things and it’s a new space. just getting really excited about certain stuff. basement remodeling Milwaukee when it unites together and we start creating new things the atmosphere changes. It takes a lot for one person to come into a room and completely change an atmosphere. I know that my friend who had passed away two weeks ago from Colvin he had that ability. He could walk into the room and just bring joy that was surpassed any understanding. when I look at our team at Back to Basics Builders I learned so much and I get so excited about how we can work together and create new images for the company. Basement remodeling Milwaukee is doing great things and we will continue to do great things.