Basement Remodeling Milwaukee | Are We Not Ready?

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Integrative Back to Basics Builders basement remodeling Milwaukee and it’s an exciting day at let me tell you Why a I’m sitting here sipping some coffee and staring out the window I hear the birds saying I see the trees budding I see leaves growing I see squirrels climbing I see rooftops I can oversee the school yard in the park but what I don’t see at our families outside playing the parks are empty the dogs are all in the house the families are in the house it’s kind of a gloomy day here at but you know what we keep it alive we keep it real we keep it going we keep it moving at I want you to know that we are always on the jam we are ready to serve we are here with passion in our hearts I have wisdom and knowledge in our minds we walk with peace and we are just ready we are ready for the next step at Back to Basics Builders basement remodeling Milwaukee I cannot tell you enough how excited it is to be involved in a company that loves to serve others in Ministry we love to tell people about Jesus we love to live our faith out we love tomb show people. There’s more to life and that not to get caught up in emotions and not to get caught up in things that can beerus down right now we’re in the middle of the pants I make but at we are covered in the blood let me tell you we are protected we are favored we are strong not necessarily in numbers but we are definitely strong in carrying out our mission in our ministry we love one another we care for one another we support one another through this pandemic and it brings Joy it brings laughter it brings love it brings Unity at we gets so excited when there’s new beginnings and we have had a few phone calls this weekend we will be starting new projects in the upcoming months and I cannot tell you how exciting it has been ther and we are just on a mission here and you love every minute of it we are just beyond excited to carry out our Ministries in different ways and when we do this we’re serving others and I love to serve I love to do what gives me join and when you serve others you get such a joy within you and Back to Basics Builders basement remodeling Milwaukee we love that we are on a great track of moving forward there is no struggling we are highly favored we are blessed abundantly and God showed us his faithfulness and it reminds me that when my grandma used to tell me all you need is faith the size of a mustard seed now face is small but it conquers all and when I think about how little I need and how much I need to overcome sometimes I compare the two and I just feel blast to know that there is a God and we do have the favor that he has given us do all of this panther make I look at all the remodels that we’ve accomplished I look at three models that are going to continue and I look at the new remodeling projects that are upon us and I just get excited I love it I love every minute of it I love that we have newness I love that the newness is upon us and I know that this was a season this was a season of Passover this was a season of Victory this is a season of overcoming this is a season of knowing who you are and what really gets me excited is that we have new families to serve and those families have a culture and those families have tradition and those families have their own face and we are trusted to come into their homes to serve this is a huge huge responsibility and I love that were held accountable not just by face but by each other and it makes me smile it makes me happy to know that God is faithful God is there And I love just knowing that his presence is here and I was talking a couple of times with a friend and we were doing some training and some Crisis Care the other day and yeah this is my part time I also volunteer at a crisis care worker and a chaplain so when crisis occurs I’m one of the teams called and when I am called to duty our hotline goes off so right now we’re doing over the phone crisis care and yesterday I was in a training and we had a meeting and we were talking with one another no I have two different systems that I work with throughout the day one is through the Salvation Army and one is through Back to Basics Builders I run both throughout the day meme and they’re just on different levels on my desk I love multitasking I love serving I love what I do makes me so happy to know that God gave us brains and with these brains we can just serve and great capacities and I’m just in awe of everything that he has done for usĀ  the victories that we have overcome not just as chaplains in crisis care workers but also as staff and moving forward through covid-19 I think our time is, where this has packed this over and it just makes me so happy inside to know that we are so blessed we are favored we have faith in an all-knowing on present God and I just I can’t describe it all I can tell you is that a back-to-basics Builders basement remodeling Milwaukee we will be sure to come into your home and we will walk with peace and Victory we will respect your home we will respect your tradition we respect your culture we respect your face and we celebrate it because in all reality we all serve a higher power and we come together and victory knowing that we are healed we are alive we are a people that can celebrate life together through this panther make reach out to us today catch us on our website or please reach out via phone 414-460-0075 give us a ring a ding ding and set up your first free estimate at Back to Basics Builders basement remodeling Milwaukee we want to get to know you we want to get to know your family we love building new relationships and we want to move forward with your new remodeling project.