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Thank you all for joining us this Friday morning we are so excited to move forward with some new remodeling projects. We are here with the fun stuff we are building all sorts of stuff through this office today. I have only had one cup of coffee. I need more coffee at back to basics builder’s we are here to serve our customers and help you with all of your remodeling needs. So check out our website today! Get up on the great news and learn about the fun stuff we have going on. Listen up we have amazing customers with great testimonies you should listen to them! I love our families and our customers here at back to basics builder’s basement remodeling milwaukee and We have traditional fun stuff happening on a typical Friday. What a great time here at basement remodeling milwaukee so Thank you again for checking us out. So this weekend what are your plans. I talked to a few coworkers this week and I am learning so much about what they love to do! Its crazy I am so happy. This weekend I will be working on my grandpas lawn we will be pouring mulch and we will be cutting the grass and heading to the dump just to clean up the space. Making this more manageable is great news to a lot of our clients. Just as this is important to me it is important to our customers. We love to make things simple. So what are some things you are doing this weekend to make things simple for others. I have lawn work to do. I am so excited to make things happen with my grandpas home as the painters paint he outside of his house and I work on the lawn. I will also paint my counter tops this weekend I am hoping to start painting them Sunday morning. That’s a huge part of the weekend projects. I also must deliver some food to a family experiencing covid-19. Its so frustrating to live in such a time as this. This weekend I am happy to live and love and laugh and plan some fun times with family and friends. Back to basics builders is also in tune with their employees to the point of learning their social status and life. I love that we have such an open line of communication with one another and we can help one another and support one another here. At basement remodeling milwaukee we are really excited and happy to do great things. It’s a fun day here at back to basics builders. This weekend is going to be super busy for us all here at basement remodeling milwaukee and I can tell you that we are booked all the way through to October and its going to be bizarre. We are filled up with great opportunity. I look forward to the end of the year celebrations here at back to basics builders. I love what we do and we couldn’t do it better! My goodness what a beautiful day here today the sun is shining the kids are getting along and now we are at a point where my leg has a scratch and its bleeding. What on earth did I do this morning I feel like I just woke up and things are still foggy and I need three more cups of coffee. What a friend I have in Jesus at back to basics builders sometimes you need a lot of Jesus to get through the day and holy crap am I feeling it today! I am super sleepy and I want to curl up and go to the bed. I want to go home and start my weekend! Like I have so much to do I want to do it now as sleep as I am yes I want to start working on some projects. I want to see how far I can get with my home this weekend and hopefully finish the crazy counters. Maybe I can get some countertop accessories for my kitchen! The décor on the walls are set now I just need to finish the countertops help me I don’t know what more I can do to get things done! I want to add my utensils and accessories to my countertop, but I don’t want all new stuff and crappy counters I want to add the fun stuff after the paint is done. I know my weekend is going to be busy and I am ready for it but I need some energy drinks what is the best cutlery out there does any one know or have any ideas? I would like some in put maybe we can do some reviews and go from there at basement remodeling milwaukee we will knock out some great cutlery and see what to do next with the fun stuff I really need to organize my thoughts and pay bills too ugh the grown up life! It’s a little overwhelming I don’t know what I can possibly do to make things go smooth this weekend either way I know when I come back on Monday my day will be great with my babies at the sitter and my job getting done oh what a day! Did I mention today was definitely an off day? Like where did the time go? I have no clue what more I can squeeze in this morning while functioning at the level I am at. Oh to top that off I have an appointment at 2pm that means I only work until 1:30. Holy cows I am so excited for this weekend to start! I am going to go home and put my chicken in the oven and then I am going to clean. Oh the feeling of a clean home I cannot wait! If you are looking for a company that does great things on weekend give us a call our check out our website at then you can give us a call to schedule your free estimate today! We are the most sought-after basement remodeling company out there. I