Disable words to work if you’re pregnant during the Cold War. Right now I want to get a boyfriend or down before I leave today basement remodeling Milwaukee. But I do break side job listings make sure. Just because you in Okay I don’t know why. that kind of thing. I always want to make sure that our house or still like a little bit in my keeping up to a late date again. But right now I want to get this done today that we done with the day. So I don’t get seven more done. Yes all that sparkly title that thanks for coming back to basics Builders this is Mackenzie how can I help you Trying to get to someone has a page I need a. Today. Title this one is a black and white title. Title of Tyler he works in architecture and he just moved in across the hall from us and he was showing us with the project. I think another project he was working on this I don’t always happens only listen to what I’m saying basement remodeling Milwaukee.

Is that like once a paycheck up and also delete reminder send the page of my trying to really fast season words so that it doesn’t have to be exact. I was like I’ll take table and it deleted everything. Like I was about to go bring something words such as I have lost which is fine like I can be copy that but like I really just don’t want to sleep on me typing everything because like you’re getting ready to change delete if you’re different but he works out of some Architecture Firm like on Greenfield more towards like a Waukesha area. I’m not sure what the title is called project project and Dad’s bathroom victims in both black and white. too. I’ll give you my time with the rest of the bathroom and I was like I think a little too and I was like a like a book for Van see you today to text you but I don’t know if you really choose that I think he just helps us pick leave dog features that like I don’t know babe he’s also working on his bosses house as well as Salt Lake House.

I’m waiting for with only three projects he’s working on right now in the lake house while they had to do was be able to report the other night word for something that they’re doing. I’m not really sure the extent of the words they’re doing in that place out there were no I think it’s a little more than just a few architectural say this. I’m not sure if it’s a fool would ever but Pastel School then I can people use both black and white tiles basement remodeling Milwaukee.

He looks very nice I think I’m like everything just looks very cohesive and they’re going to take the right after I found on Instagram there is a dog that looks just like Marvin that his name is trying to see what his name is oh his name is Gus all in his I was really confused Instagram name is a rough stuff real fast but he’s so cute he looks you just a little job but he’s an aussie doodle I believe. And he’s super cute. He kept all his dark brown for ramen Los Lagos dark brown basement remodeling Milwaukee.

He’s going to turn in Savoy Brown color but he still looks super cute but he looks like we’re going to face like the dark chocolate and I think he’s about the same age do was married they got him in how they got with the end of my mind his will be everywhere at once. I think it also a little bit smaller below for fear more than that to get a really fluffy right now he needs a haircut so badly I can’t even see his eyes and his like nose here exit straight off when you get like a mad see there got so bad hopefully like next Thursday zzyzx girl my appointment I know that I don’t let me say that they want to take up there but maybe their coats if it’s not really like something that we can choose to do or not so I don’t know if I really want to go up there and I don’t answer because faces are cut their dog’s hair it always was so bad because I like it when I feel a little fluffy and Mason doesn’t like it when he likes it when they just like going back to black and white tile. I think I was with a guy using it looks really clean redo that I also really get to do with what I finished I also really like like the fat black mixed with like the glossy white kind of stuff basement remodeling Milwaukee. Tell it’s your decision. But yes I think it’s really smart I really like it too looked at the tiles. It’s a geometric Minnesota it makes me feel Sorry I didn’t last typing again exit number 10 minutes or so winter boots me out when I sure like if it’s up to you my words I don’t know why doesn’t mine because I’m actually living document keep track of everything. I don’t know what I’m hoping we’ll just do I resolve itself in a couple of days end workout. But yeah I’m just going to look around see if I find anything to talk about my social media and stuff I was in pretty good contents in our own personal and here 26 most of the other day but you were you really good ones and so that’s really fun to see like how we’re going to appreciate that we are getting followers just about every day and they’re usually realtor’s which is good too. I tried to give them a call at least was in the week basement remodeling Milwaukee.