That was my first article that I just typed out but I’m going to try and talk typing least one or two more just to get at least three down this morning and hopefully get like three or four done later today basement remodeling Milwaukee. Just thought I’d keep on top of things I really wanted to try and get like so many articles written prior to the interviews today. Article and going to look at inspiration like Photo wise if you’re looking to do a remodel and you’re looking for different inspirational photos for rooms. I feel like doing with a full remodel I think a really good place to find inspiration actually Zillow or like maybe not just a little like looking at houses that are for sale.

I think it’s really smart to kind of look at what the heart rate now and like see it what are people drawn to an attractive too. I think that like today the curly are they going to try to figure out what I wanted to do for my articles of 1 that I was on Zillow trying to finally some good inspirational houses basement remodeling Milwaukee. A lot of the time it’s like the new builds have looked really good inspiration because like that’s like obvious to look what’s in style right now. So there was one that I found that they this house was like I don’t even I like part 2 million dollars was really expensive those are really pretty house and I mean I understand why it was so expensive but I own this house was in the Pewaukee.

Leave the key somewhere in between Lake in Brookfield summer in there. But I’m it was a 6 bed 4 bath I believe house. And every single bathroom was just absolutely amazing. It was their all so elegantly finished and they really nice finishes in them as well in the style was just executed to a tee. The one that stuck out to me the most was this one bath really are is it was like he was a half-bath and it was probably on item aim for the basement and thinking was in the basement though but the half-bath Pathak the wall behind this wasn’t just like painted or the huge wallpaper anything like that they’re treated like a tile that goes like that accent wall. On the delete a black herringbone pattern subway tile accent all and I think it would turn out looking really nice. Because that it just speak like a special element to the space and it brought in a lot of drama to the room. I think it looks really nice and then I had to take a simple vanity of the simplest thing and all that just but it didn’t take away from the field I like a tile wall. I don’t know what they painted the rest of the row but I believe it was just so color like make sure that it was called. Customers are saying hello hello. Perfect okay just wanted to make sure the headphones were still recording or still charge because I haven’t talked to them for the delay. I had to take a break because is writing these we had to stop for some interviews.

We had two people show up for the interview today and I thought least one of them was a good candidate basement remodeling Milwaukee. I don’t like it when I’m sitting in on the interviews and the candidates are constantly interrupting us. I find it extremely rude leave a little on somebody else’s speaking and that’s what one of them was doing. He had kind of a comment this table just about everything and I’m referring to that takes energy would be ten times as long. They didn’t do that. The other kind of feel like I was very respectful mindful that he wasn’t the only one being interviewed. How do you say suppose affected everybody answers cut your ass then. I do you typically notice of people or ask the question of what core values they would have been to their own company Integrity. What unit are the core values I understand that but I really do believe that people just say that out of the fact that they didn’t think it was any of their own and they will say it. It doesn’t like it the many extra bonus points were saying like one of our core values. Cut it out there always are for the police staff right now so you don’t believe me I don’t believe but I could be mistaken. I have to say I hope you had a small sales meeting basement remodeling Milwaukee. We just do a few calls and from there. So now I am going to finish doing the best he always. I have about after this one all of 2 and I would like to get a couple more end today as well. But I also have some other things other than when I get to so we shall see. I really want to get ahold of a couple realtor to see what’s going on out there with that kind of thing. I also would like to make a couple more Instagram post basement remodeling Milwaukee.

I did just update the Pinterest few times today. I posted a handful of images primarily basement should because I feel like that’s like the real moneymaker going to thing so I really try to emphasize that a lot add down also did post a few the Carver images. I just turned the board on our Pinterest for finishes just because if it is a pretty big component when you’re trying to lie to a remodel. It’s just knowing that if you want to do cold sore black press more like a different kind of color finished like for your Hardware. And so I’m going to try to start posting word of God. Did I feel like there are business options for that as well basement remodeling Milwaukee.