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Hello today was a slow day holy cows I left my house at 7am and it took me 1.23 hours to get to work usually it only takes me a good 45 minutes to get to back to basics builders basement remodeling Milwaukee sometimes a half hour either way this weather is out of control I cannot tell you how long I have wanted to leave the state of Wisconsin I wanted to run and play in the sun in February and all we have is piles of snow then we celebrate the joys that the groundhog saw the shadow and we will have spring early well by the looks of this snow storm in February we will be busy with snow for a while I don’t know what its like everywhere else but there its terrible the roads weren’t cleared all night there was a semi jackknifed in the highway and one can only imagine whey the other directions were at a sudden stop I then took the roads to work and slid around an entire on ramp I wanted to just pull over and take a deep breath but I was only within minutes from the office so I decided to keep moving to back to basics builders basement remodeling Milwaukee I rushed to sit at the desk and started working as fast as I could then it slowed down at about ten am holy cows what a morning now on my way here I couldn’t imagine what it looks like up north where my family lives it is usually very bad snow is high and the temperatures are much colder at back to basics builders basement remodeling Milwaukee we are persistent we are courageous we are against the weather we make it to work not just in the nick of time but we are here to work we are here to laugh we are here to smile we are here to have joy and experience happiness at back to basics builders basement remodeling Milwaukee we will go through a snow storm for our clients we will continue our meetings with our clients and we will help you decide if you should continue with your remodeling project we are strong we are courageous and we will overcome a 2” snow storm we are those people we are the ones that will unite and get each other stuck out of the snow we will wear big galoshes and waterproof bibs just to keep dry during this season its crazy out there I know that we have mentioned working on a hill side however we have not mentioned working on snow hills and slick roads please keep safe while driving in Wisconsin this time of year the roads are crazy bad yes everyone did show up to work today and everyone did work diligently and were honest with one another as soon as people walked through the doors it was said that the traffic was unheard of today and highways were shut down yet schools were running and what the city doesn’t understand is that some of our directions are not plowed my gps took me on the worst traffic filled highway today and then through the unplowed roads yet we are all here at work our kids our safe at school learning something new today at back to basics builders basement remodeling Milwaukee we keep close to our families our families come first and our families are also a priority of the business our leaders know what comes first in our lives and makes it where we can also priorities them it make life so much easier when you are working on a day like today I was excited for my baby boy this morning he built his car for the derby race tonight I hope isnt cancelled for how hard these little ones worked I remember this being a huge deal for me when I was younger in a group called royal rangers a faith based group that allowed females to participate in archery competitions and rendezvous we loved it I remember how exciting it was how much fun we had and we loved it the smile on my little guys face this morning was priceless he wanted to wear his uniform to school but I knew it wouldn’t have survived a school day and the derby my baby is going to win he says at back to basics builders employees are cared for and coworkers are unified as a community to help one another as I traveled this morning I alerted my team the only response they had was be safe you come first we must take care of ourselves first so that we are better prepared to care for our customers at back to basics builders basement remodeling miwlaukee and that is truth our customers are given the open door policy they are granted open communication with our team and the owners we provide logical advice and alerts through out the process of remodeling we as calls came in this morning I took them back to back then the emails started to roll in and people were interested in their free estimates and we moved forward with scheduling their dates and times it was exciting we have one bathroom estimate scheduled and we have another proposal scheduled so there is a lot going on here at back to basics builders and we are excited for the new year to come rolling in like a flood and abundant blessing for everyone its super exciting to see and experience growth to know that we are not the only ones in this field but we are providing free estimates and we have 15% less rates than everyone else right now so jump on the phone and give us a call what better team than a team that is supported a team that is given compassion and a team that is given love you know when you have a strong work environment you produce leaders and strong employees and that is what we have at back to basics builders is strong employees who are learning everyday to be the best at what we do