testing testing testing hello hello hello basement remodeling Milwaukee. Perfect good morning and happy Wednesday. See I just wanted to stay at 5 but I had to wake up and go to work. Look up around a little bit later than usual will come wake me up at 5. Good morning butt stop. Testing testing okay I’m not really sure why but to do with you pick up my boys which is totally fine but it’s just kind of frustrating at times. But this morning I woke up and I got ready but not. This morning Marvin was here so I could go outside to go to the bathroom. But it’s a little frustrating because he gets so distracted so easily and so do not go to the bathroom and hearing other noises that he found more interesting than what you’re supposed to be doing. I

guess that’s the only thing that happens is just a little puppy so whatever. After I got ready I left at 6 or not. I left a little earlier because now I’m sending you some coffee at Starbucks. I still up into gift cards left for my friends for my birthday and something else to treat myself to some breakfast from there. I really like their turkey bacon and egg white sandwiches. And they really aren’t too bad for you which is also another added benefit of them. The vanilla sweet cream cold brew. But I don’t know if they made it correctly because it’s just so rude basement remodeling Milwaukee. Smaller than this week green lines going to like the sweet cream to light green tone it down a little bit like the bitterness but. I got to work now reading my articles for the day. I’m hoping to get I was cleaning at 6 end again but now I think because it’s so far away don’t think of a more done today. I’m hopefully I want to aim to get maybe a week or so done today be a good goal I think. Let’s maybe get like three times this morning for done this afternoon and like to 3 down later today. I’m the less I have to do tomorrow the better because I would like to still have to go with 30 for the week. I feel like I’m just going to stick with this track to work out. I was so 4 today’s article to attack our various styles of tired. I feel like there’s a lot of different styles 2 years below fully understand that basement remodeling Milwaukee.

I need pictures look differently in that like you I was thinking like pick out what you like. But I feel. All the Practical terms to like different kinds of chairs. I’m so just give you like a little bit of like an example just like for like, table chairs are armchairs desk chairs chairs sofa chairs reclining chairs yard chair Wing chair styles of chairs. So I’m just going to kind of with my Google and Google images different styles of chairs as I can talk about them. I miss you can do certain chairs insert and space as well as another spacing depression use a style chair. Exactly why I don’t want to use a lawn chair at your dining table. It kind of looks tacky and Jeep I would say. Undo because it’s up with your lid made out of plastic and so it’s not really the best quality if you know what I mean. But then like then again you all so I can know when you take your dining chair like outside. You would be an outdoor dining space you’re still going to want to find something that another reason I want to go down there oh today. what’s up page? who’s singing?You don’t like s’mores do you? oh well would you like to make s’mores 4? basement remodeling Milwaukee you’re on down.  in the Highlight to make I don’t have the patience for it most of the time no it’s too much focus and I prefer my burnt crispy so I just shove the marshmallow right in the fire.  it is the everything’s better burn. burnt bacon is the best make a note turn bacon but you are close to I love burnt food but you shouldn’t do it bad for you.  cuz I’m a grown up and I can do what I want. burnt brussel sprouts Sage those are good.

Do what I want to eat me out like that burnt to a crisp 2 except I made hamburgers in our apartment the other. page stage and all be we threw those and then take me.  that was the a. That I over burnt but that was because we’re cooking on a cast iron and I wasn’t used to it yet.  do you like to cook or bake? next back what’s your favorite thing to bake? I love chocolate chip cookies oh you know what I like about those I like just eating the dough basement remodeling Milwaukee. do you like eating cookie dough I love cookie dough. you like eating frosting frosting makes me sick I can’t eat it what’s your favorite kind of frosting Sage? vanilla buttercream no what would you if you had to guess what Ryan said what kind of frosting is what would it be? what’s Kyle’s favorite kind of frosting. no that’s what I do. it just does see what you think you can put the chair together faster than I am? no I’m saying I think Kathy can put my chair together pretty quick. it took me 48 hours to put together IKEA bed frame.  I’m just looking at different styles of chairs I really like the ones that are kind of like a quilted pattern of a. Style of chair that is fairly common are like rocking chairs. They’re just kind of like nice to kind of sit it on a porch or what. Just kind of way I guess obviously. But yeah chairs are cool basement remodeling Milwaukee.