Another chair oh no your arm basement remodeling Milwaukee.  you don’t know really what’s your friend’s name? that’ll be fun if she coming to your house or you going to her house at 3.? For dinner what are you going to Your macaroni cup for lunch today Sage no? bring to eat? spaghetti what is your brat like you brought one of those little mac and cheese cups today for lunch you could bring one of those I bet you they would do that that’s what microwaves are good for. have you ever been to Mac’s mac and cheese change they have the best mac and cheese here come here I’ll show you a picture of their mac and cheese.

I always said that I should get a portion of the profits because the name Max mac and cheese my name is kind of bogus isn’t it hahaha.. you didn’t  you guys. You guys just have one? oh oh I see what you mean that’s right good idea Kevin Eaton no way basement remodeling Milwaukee. so you know what’s the absolute worst when people would take one when people take her trick or treating candy I caught my grandma doing it once when I was by your age and I got really mad I guess I didn’t do anything to her but I. or one time I spy 3 years ago. I had a I had a bad and I was and my piece I was able to yell at him for a good cause so it was it wasn’t too bad. a little bit a little bit. do you like pizza sausage your favorite kind of cheese macaroni and green olives Dikembe that’s okay though. Ice Age my mom sent me a new picture of Miss Magnolia do you look at your sleeping on her belly or her back she’s so funny or she sent me the font isn’t she a cutie. she’s almost 20 pounds she’s getting big your dad needs another haircut he’s getting Shaggy I’ll let him get Shaggy this winter you know cuz he gets 2 / hot with long hair in the summer near it’s cold out oh you bet he won’t be getting haircuts because I’m not being very haircut in December that’s true Sage do want to hear some of the crazy Foods they’re going to have at the State Fair this year we just got a phone so it says 60 new Wisconsin State Fair Foods some sound.  where’s the first one chocolate bacon cookies buttermilk ranch popcorn what else they got there’s some that sound good I think that the Cajun Crawfish nachos sound good or what about a cherry vanilla cupcake that sounds good what about you cinnamon roll and bacon cheese curds.Not the worst thing that the best thing I bought it there is a store that was selling edible bugs. today’s mother is that going to be your chair now yeah I’m selling for today’s out of all we talking about couches. If there’s a lot of different style two couches weather it’s based off of the size of shape basement remodeling Milwaukee.

I feel like one of the most common styles of couches is just like a simple couch and then there’s also the collection dark out. A lot of people buy their couches in like us up so there’s a how’s your 2 or like a couch and a love seat or couch a couple chairs. I kind of felt the right now and they’re taking a long time to the hard thing right now. Select for example I went out shopping and probably may I would say and every counter was Finding wasn’t going to ride the bike to 3 months and then obviously I was moving into an apartment and to increase that really wasn’t it a great option for myself. There are a couple couches that I found that could be delivered on time but we’re like there was one that could have half of it to the winter time in the other house arrive later. What time is it in 4 they sound perfect but at the same time does it sound like the worst thing in the world. But yeah a lot of the couch just working arrive in time and they were the ones that would we’re going to be careful what we wanted to spend in that wasn’t really an option either. I want to close to 10 to 15 places to look at couches basement remodeling Milwaukee.

I’m finally I stopped at the Steinhafels Madison I was looking in their clearance section. I found two cups of end up getting. It is a charcoal gray couch what’s up? basement remodeling Milwaukee what do you like to do with the Y I don’t know Sage I think it’s time to throw these away I just got new ones I do like them I just need to I’ve had these for a very very very very long time to age I like 6 years.  the reason that we got that cold was it was it was if you wanted a sexual but like a smaller one but. The reason this Compass affordable was because a couple months prior Steinhafels doing 80 over if you want the couch would get a matching chair for free. But the antibiotics are running out of chairs so cuz I have more couches. But we’ll just wanted to share so the end of discounting all the couches of a remaining come to like $500.

And I feel like Star vs. break the quality of my parents and got a lot of furniture from their house and spending that kind of money on without smelling that it was going to hold up well for us basement remodeling Milwaukee. The cops are we got us a heads up. Words actually stick to the frame of the couch and the kind of fall out a lot and it’s kind of an odd to have to readjust them all the time. Call us today!