You have to say where is the Ramon where’s the remote I thought that was going to be a lead saying I got pretty excited cuz we haven’t had a leave in 24 hours yeah I got zero phone calls yesterday. I think Ryan Ryan have any of these I think Brian had a couple people called I just had a question. after I had one in and down, and it was a suppose Kyle basement remodeling Milwaukee. Doesn’t look broken it looks like it’s moving pretty fast. put your hands moving pretty fast isn’t it?  see your toy looks like the Bucks did on Tuesday night when they won the championship the Box they want. to they they. I just like stop break from Michaela. oh my God oh McKayla I mean I feel like when I was her age I never want to relive being 15 again I was so naughty Sage not like not I should say naughty I was sassy to my mom what you want to hear a funny story the one time I reached nearly got in trouble I never got grounded. for but I was I put to so you know so you know what she smacked at the Thanksgiving dinner in front of the whole family. so me. Hermes I have never seen rage come over like that moment and I was like.

What is Sissy do no yeah I’m at my mom and I weren’t the best friends when I was your sisters age we are kind of like fire and water. but now when I went off to school now we’re pretty close I talk to her everyday remember that Sage of call your mom everyday when my mama. Basement remodeling Milwaukee yeah my mom and I change by the mentality that I was above everything and oh yeah. what make it again with a peanut butter all over her no way see what’s just like to hahaha Michaela I just oh yeah that’s funny call Josh I never I cannot a picture that from McKayla like knowing her now that’s funny I wish I had a sister sometime stage .So when he was probably about your age you really like me like I’m tattoos they can put on and put water over them they say so the Easter Bunny brought Mitchell a big sheet of tattoos and unlike a normal child who does like one at a time make the whole sheet of tattoos and put it all over his stomach and he refused to wear a shirt for like 5 days because he needed everybody to see his tattoos. she was a dork or he liked to use stickers as Band-Aids sometimes basement remodeling Milwaukee.

He was he was a funny kid now he’s just as stubborn as I am or 1 * you know like those treadmills like your mom or dad might run on them Mitchell was running on it and run around run around and was turning off the paste so super fast cell right off went flying backward scrape his whole stomach and you put a little Barbie sticker right on his belly button he was such a weirdo say. and he went through a mohawk phase so we needed to have his hair spiked every morning and dyed black what is what’s in that going to order a new one yeah the last thing up Natasha left things are coming back to basics Builders this is Mackenzie how can I help you I’m kind of right now is it okay if I take a message for him oh yeah yeah yeah I know we totally understand that but he should be back here around 10:30 I would say and then I’ll give you guys a call I can do that for sure yeah thanks you too have a good day Judith. she just has a couple questions before this time she said nothing bad she’s just like it’s such a big project that we just want to make sure that everything is in there and everything is sign in clear basement remodeling Milwaukee.

  I totally get that but white floating in your coffee 2 in that Lakewood is that a rapper nothing to do you like hot chocolate Sage do you like hot chocolate in the pods create marshmallows what cream makes everything better I got a bunch of strawberries the other night and I cut them all up can I have some whip cream in the fridge so I had to eat some with some whipped cream and then you know who else had some was whipped cream Marvin do all strawberries and whipped cream okay thanks hahaha does brother guess what and then when you get up to that age Generations hit or miss the following definitely the mainstream media of you know what the news said that so this is what happened and sometimes that’s not the News lies so much they just twist the truth and then everybody’s just so like going through the following is not lines but I don’t know Does she use a razor or like what is she like the straight edge I don’t know like full Glory basement remodeling Milwaukee.

my mom cut spacing yeah make them possible to grow a beard so bad he just yep that’s a nice and they say you have to leave at all just passed out and then eventually it’ll throw in but. Keith wants to match me today Sage. why are you don’t think it’s cool I’m a match yeah They are just looking at different make you sit in the car with a commands with the country invite Teresa. I like you’re really pretty in the same testing testing ho ho ho why is it’s not picking up basement remodeling Milwaukee. But you’re not really going to miss you like a bold house with like the bones and just like the waves are like my favorite thing to look at on lake or lake loons and other kinds of like birds that are sitting on top of the water.