Okay happy Friday everybody hope everybody’s having a good start to the day. I feel like my definitely was a little bit reference because I woke up a little bit of a cold basement remodeling Milwaukee. But then I just kind of drink a lot of water I took an emergency really quick got some Advil and I feel great now. I’m not really sure if it was just like a little cold thing or what it was. But I’m happy that I’ve kind of jumped over that cuz I usually don’t get two more sex I was kind of hard for me to wake up with him. But I feel a lot better and I really talk about look what OSHA bees are looking like. I really a few times. I think my favorite part of the ocean that I have been to laugh that we have to be like the Gulf Shores area. I couldn’t take that back to you I have been to like like Mexico or not. So it’s important. I only I’ve never been to Mexico. And like that was so pretty I definitely wish I would have gone to the side. I’ll put it on a half of it is like that Crystal Clear white like Blue Water basement remodeling Milwaukee.

We got to have to just your typical blue ocean water. I didn’t go to the crystal clear typing with my mom and dad they went there earlier this year and they said it was just unbelievable and they really wish that they could bring me and my brother there sometime. I think as far as I can go to take my favorite part of the ocean that is just like cuz I’ve been to Alabama so any times going to Gulf Shores and what not my family and friends and I think it’s just a lot of fun. I really like also how the water is like super freaking cold little bit warmer. And that’s really nice to because I really put my finger black sharks away. Because I know sharks only like warm water so then I will usually typically in the Gulf. So I think that’s really nice as well and I think I might be one of the reasons I really like the golf kind of area. I think I don’t know I think if I were building a house over like remodeling home ICE I don’t like obviously if you have a house and you can give you the ocean you’re going to want to capitalize on that. Because a lot of people like they would die to have that kind of of you and I just screamed out to me I definitely understand like how how and why people would like that basement remodeling Milwaukee.

But yeah it like obviously like you’d want a big picture window to it like capture the look of the ocean or what not. I’ve been really pretty sure like frame to down white and then like the wall surrounding the window I would like obviously one of the window like almost as large as the wall but like that’s not actually a feasible plan sometimes I feel like the surrounding the rest of the wall or all I would want to do like like white would like Talent kind of thing I like a naked for paneling. I really like how I want to live by the ocean they do a lot of like the whites in the lightwoods basement remodeling Milwaukee. Cuz it’s just really really captures the essence of like a relaxing Beach vacation kind of stay. I really think that’s a really smart idea. The one thing I don’t like they’re about like the houses by the ocean is like freaking like in Florida like if you’re doing the remodel like if you do your model of Wisconsin versus Florida and you’re looking up flooring let’s look at first. You’re going to want to do in Wisconsin left would you like the wooden the carpet look for you just because I got to copy that’s cozy it’s warm like it feels I don’t know it just looks really nice as well. But if you’re in Florida obviously a lot of people who are building homes on there at 1 title everywhere.

Because if you’re going out of the beach and they’re coming back into your house you don’t have tracks and throughout the whole entire house. So if you have title it’s a lot easier to clean up the end of the stick to it like it was carpet. I will not be able to still do like hardwood floors or like I mean like fine or else appears in the back that Tyler too. Just because like it’s so much easier to clean up and I feel like I literally like the easiest in the fastest thing that you can clean is the best way to go. Where I was like in Wisconsin make it sound like when we tracking Santa around the whole house being much of a fight by a lake or like something like that. Like even then I feel like that’s like so far and few basement remodeling Milwaukee.

If I think if you were building a lake house you are like a lighthouse in Ocean House early how speak by the ocean you want to catch it if you keep it light and Airy maybe do some tile on the floor just to make clean up a little bit easier. And like I don’t like myself that I can’t go until everything’s cleaned so I feel like that would definitely put a lot of my like stress away just knowing that I was just like kind of like quickies like a Swiffer Sunday to pick up the sand and I have to vacuum and do all that kind of thing basement remodeling Milwaukee. I got to take another pic thing is I guess I really like the people at the Kitchens near like a view of the ocean because who wouldn’t want to cook over the ocean.