Testing one two testing one two  hello there everyone everyone’s having a great and fantastic union today on this beautiful Thursday evening and I’m being sarcastic that’s not beautiful outside is cold is cloudy and there’s still snow on the ground you know we had just had a great weekend where was Sonny and Allegra on 50s and now we have snow again which is not fun whatsoever I don’t like snow it could go away again and give us back that beautiful weather we were just having this past weekend you know he would basement remodeling Milwaukee there’s a lot that goes on throughout the process of everything and making sure that we are careful with everything is going on throughout the world as well as our office you know we’re having a great time in our office today what do different projects making sure our clients are aware of everything that’s going on throughout the process of their own homes and that brings us to one of our River miles and we were just vintage.

Yeah we’re talking with the Vintage remodel today and you know it’s very different from your normal remodel that we have and it’s something new with something different than before, but we’ve done a great job it looks fantastic the owners are very happy with how it’s turned out and that’s what matters is that how well it turns out as well as how will the owners think it turns out as well you know it comes down to where the greatest satisfaction is knowing that the owners are happy with how everything looks and how it turned out in that didn’t regret the decision to go with us hear it at basement remodeling Milwaukee because you know we care about our clients and however project turns out we make sure that it turns out great and if it doesn’t we make sure we fix what is not great in that happens happens before you know whenever clients on that recently but a while ago one of the things was not basement remodeling Milwaukee done correctly meaning that it was done quickly it just didn’t hold up and we needed probably do a couple more screws into the Ford make sure it was held correctly like I said inside that wasn’t held right they just need to be so it didn’t move or break which it did break doing to the fact that on the floor guy put in a pushed part of the wood and broke it and means we need to redo it and fix it.

And we’re doing that on our own. I’m biggest shark fighting is having it turns out great in this time it’s going to be done correctly even better by making sure that is done and stuck to the floor before does not move it or break it and we’re doing that by making sure we do this part of clients do right by her clients you know you’ve had other examples were drilled the hold on one side of a cabinet and we went ahead and order the cabinet again it is fixed it you know it came out of her own pocket and we do apologize but mistakes do happen then we’d make sure it doesn’t happen very often. If not at all but like I said I’m just giving it to examples I has happened but we fix them and we make sure we got our own make sure we own up to the mistakes that we made and fix them.  but you know I’m talking about the Vintage 3 miles is that it’s very unique very different on one other rooms is all blue and has a beautiful blue tile in the shower.

Can I feed a blue subway tile to it and it looks fantastic before is a different type of tile which is also looks pretty good too and I see pretty good because it’s not my cup of tea of holiday the tile is but you know it still looks amazing with everything and everything is going hearing and complement each other and you know basement remodeling Milwaukee make sure we talked or science-fiction is exactly what they want and we can go through the process of getting it taken care of for our clients and making sure that it turned out the way they want you know what you want a sing House of a fully blown Star Wars theme house and we can do that for you to take a little longer do the fact that is things that go in and played it with but you know this is a vintage style this is more like the 70s and 80s type of remodel that were looking at and fantastic Swapmeet other bathroom is a pink style and turn on the bedrooms and it looks fantastic too you know it’s not something you see everyday and it’s very unique and very different from what you would normally see in a bathroom one toll and if we have to appreciate you know as much as we think of the bathrooms they’ve turned out very well in the clients are very happy with the process of its and the projects throughout the.

And we make sure we communicate very well with our clients and what you’ve done already a great job with that making sure that is exactly what they want to go see off when it comes to basement remodeling Milwaukee Vintage and different types of rooms in different styles men you make sure that we’re very clear and very precise I want we’re doing as well as picking sure that’s exactly what they were looking for for the project and we make sure that we do this by communicating you know it’s one of the biggest things here at basement remodeling Milwaukee we do everyday we communicate with our clients can we make sure we communicate the right ways to do gender through phone calls text messages whatever it takes a week to make sure that we get everything taken care of for our clients.