Basement Remodeling Milwaukee | Getting into the Sweet Spot

This content was written for Back to Basics Builders.

This week my husband and I restarted his business and I have been considering giving his office a facelift for a birthday present add some paint and some carpet my budget is no more than 400.00 so we can see what I can do with designing on a budget this month I need to paint and then move on to flooring at the end of the month so there’s that im sure basement remodeling Milwaukee can help me sort my thoughts out so with that being said lets take a peek at what it looks like at the current office space we have you walk in and you are to the far right of the room and every thing is to the left and back im happy the door isn’t dead center of the room because that really wouldn’t work so anyways when you walk in you cant but notice the white and black checkered floor then you look up and see the black walls and brown panels its all terrible it looks part kitchen part office space with a window in the diving all on the other side of the wall is shag carpet and brown paneling the whole square footage is at an approximate of 180 square feet I have so many ideas of how to work with the carpet however I am stuck because Its nasty dirty and my babies sometimes go to the office and nobody needs to be in an office space that is caca basement remodeling Milwaukee takes small remodeling projects and turns them into some great beauties for example have you seen some of their bathroom remodels like oh my goodness I cant even tell you the gorgeous spaces they have created for everyone if you go the website and just peek at the pictures you will see basic to fabulous and fancy I have seen such popular color schemes when it comes to décor and accessorizing they truly know what they are doing together. Basement remodeling Milwaukee knows how to make family happy with their desire to show compassion turning any house into a home I am so happy to have met such an awesome team now lets go back to the office space and see what other ideas I could do have you seen the restores they are helpful you can call them give them some measurements and they can give you an estimated price before you head to the store I love them they are great and affordable I called this morning and I asked them to help me round out a cost for carpet tiling the 180 square foot office space and they gave me a great price now to get to the store before it all sells out is whats going to be the pain in the butt at basement remodeling Milwaukee I know we can manage to lay that tile carpet I just need two guys maybe three and they can peel and stick carpet to fit the room I have never been so excited to start a project this whole month will be exciting once the paint is done it will complete 90% of the project in fact I know it will and then I can add some fun accessories to the place like a sign on the outside of the door and a logo cling how cool is that I have some fun ideas I cant wait to tell basement remodeling Milwaukee and see what they think have you ever bought carpet from carpet warehouse an old carpet store in Milwaukee well I want to see what they can do and give me some prices to run maybe they can give me some cheaper deals on some carpet I don’t need to stretch it or anything I would l lay it I prefer carpet tile on that caca floor that we have any ideas what it would cost to have a carpet laid well I guess im getting ahead of myself lets take a step back and see what we want done first all carpet or a mix of both we shall see you know they guys wear boots and there is traffic and that’s dumb I wish I could tare down a wall I could have this project done in three days if you ask me but lets see what basement remodeling Milwaukee will say oh goodness I should get my colors together and see what they can work from so now that we have talked lets get rolling with facts 180 square feet needs indoor and outdoor carpet then we can work along with some paint colors I prefer white and then a blue or light sage to cover the walls my goodness if I could save money in the paint department it sounds like this whole project may cost 300.00. yay im excited I have reached out to multiple organizations and am starting to reach out to family for some help so I am sure we will have a ton of help with muscle and then we can move forward with organizing the paperwork and resetting up the office to make it function as a whole im happy and excited for my husband I pray and hope this will be his final transition and his business will begin to go up from where he is I know he has employees working around the clock and I know he is too however I want him to be happy and able to care for his family just as he does this business and one day the business will only compliment the business but as of now he needs some encouragement some sprucing up the place we need to be on one accord and move on with the caca in the past basement remodeling Milwaukee will help if they cant help me I know that no one can so recap again some big decisions first lets figure out the paint then we can figure out the budget of the flooring then we can move forward with placing the furniture and add décor at a much later date