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Hello everyone how are you today have you ever heard what street nails does have you ever heard what Froedtert provides have you ever heard of the rosebud or how about pizza hut lets be honest most companies and industries have huge clues behind their names for you to understand what they do but not one company can you test out before actually purchasing services some you meet in the worst of times and they are the only ones who can help you sadly companies do take advantage of these situations but basement remodeling milwuakee does not they refuse to in fact basement remodeling milwaukee changes it up they provide a 15% lower rate than any other remodeling company out there and they give free estimates I mean come on somebody lets get real they are the best company around to provide free anything these days is super hard to come by I asked this lady one time at the bank I said excuse me may I have a sucker for my daughter she is in the van with my mother it will help her calm down as she currently is screaming because I am not there never in my life have I seen over 100 suckers in a bowl and been given the strangest of stares look lady next time ill say its for me will that help being honest these days isnt easy either like for example the day my grandpa though my car wasn’t registered and called his friend to tow it no papa you had my car towed because you wanted the cash and later found out it really wasn’t registered in my name but was still in my biological fathers name all because you replaced a window why did you replace the window it wasn’t broken it just didn’t open I wanted to scream when I came home assuming my husband had the van I continued with errands and later found out it was missing I had a police report done just and had to verify the vehicle was not stolen but given away by my grandpa who does that for 200.00 holy cows lets be honest okay next integrity where the heck has integrity gone I know where basement remodeling milwaukee has it that’s who has it whenever I see these people I realize I work for people that are honest all the time I mean on the phone and face to face with customers and employees how does that happen I mean really honest like not even a shade dishonest you know when your picking paint and hone is a shade different well that’s what im talking about not even that much dishonest I see basement remodeling milwaukee has character and its presented well every customer is provided with great service you want a kitchen remodel bathroom remodel or a basement remodel we have it here you want amazing service top basement remodeling milwaukee has it done just give us a call I remember the day I was interviewed I was offered a water like who does that who offers a mom of two dead from waking up at 5am to get her baby boy to school make sure he has a hot breakfast one of his favorites oatmeal with brown sugar I don’t know who on earth would offer this mama a water in an interview but basement remodeling milwaukee did and a comfy couch to rest as I answered their questions through the interview I am honored to work for amazing people who provide great service to those in our community our world sees service so different these days every service must come with a price tag including the smallest of services included a cold glass of water on a 98 degree day while pregnant yes I was at statefair sitting on a bench and got way to warm at exactly 8 month pregnant my feet were swollen I was dizzy and knew I just needed water well that water was 3.00 a for 16 oz I had to wait for the group to come around a second time since all my stuff was in the stroller I begged the staff for just a water and I would pay for it as soon as the group came back with my stuff I even offered a shoe for placement but nope these people had no care in the world if I was pregnant and ready to pass out it was the kind ness of another that helped me through that worst feeling ever I promised my family if I was ever pregnant again I would never attend state fair without a fanny pack I had too many problems as a grown adult in a public place without bare necessities like water and air im happy basement remodeling milwaukee provides kindness and joy you ever feel the atmosphere change when someone enter the room well basement remodeling milwuakee does that daily as soon as they enter the room the atmosphere changes things begin to brighten the time of day goes by the windows are opened the sun shines the smell of donuts fills the room I mean come on people who wouldn’t want to work with basement remodeling milwaukee really how fast could I say yes who even wanted to be patient through an interview not me I was like is it necessary why a second interview I guess a group interview is the beginning of a process but let me tell you remodeling isnt easy theres a language I don’t understand and this is it when laborers begin to talk its like being in a room full of people who are bilingual you laugh when you think they are joking you look paranoid when you think its about yes its like that but not as uncomfortable it’s a great place at basement remodeling milwaukee I love it I love wearing hoodies I wear them in the summer I wear them in the winter I wear them through the year and guess what I can wear them at work it’s the best part of the job being comfy while working again you will not be let down after signing a proposal with basement remodeling milwaukee they are greatness