Number three for the day we are starting off how much by market down in on my paste another one done for the day basement remodeling Milwaukee so if we go to We also have to look at the yes I do look at this and kind of go see where at I only know how to make I don’t really know how to make it on imagine we get that one makeup get us out of me. donuts okay the shower jelly beans showers for the predicament I don’t remember girl may say.  remember going on they say I got at 1 is probably the at 1 is probably just as I’m sorry I do from there yesterday we have to go back to Muskego way to go to Muskego and pick up my girlfriend she was because she forgot them at the house so we are pet.  of your. pet-sitting we went there I got to see dogs. and all the time all the dogs how the dogs are a. there. What  however we can see that there is a have a good day as with this person says I don’t know who else to here we go up 6 make great witches ridiculous new a lot of people reacting to the picture is  make sense to me I don’t basement remodeling Milwaukee really want to put this guy’s name up in there even though it’s probably the best way to do it we can get some more words I do like to see it 2 + 9 resume make sense to me a lot of people are really talking about that birthday today so girls a day ago I seen that one was anybody talked about I don’t get the whole HD.

Make sense to me I don’t really want to put this guy and and why you know you time only Cinema power and. that’s when power comes to the people they’re talking about so if we go from there to when we can see that people are still talking about knowing that this is what’s going to happen here and I got to get these done so we listen you could do the last do we ever listen to the realtor calls either that or recorded calls cuz I have one with the with Robin or something to listen to if you want to hear those Joe something different Robin you met her her business card is somewhere on my desk basement remodeling Milwaukee somewhere create it create it trade it and I’ll place it That’s what he kept saying it’s not fun when you’re talk what’s wrong Give me quarterback for the address.

Left off Craig’s wasn’t too bad either that was the guy that never answered you can listen to call I was surprised when he didn’t answer or when you left a message call back this Craig.  hey girl hey I don’t think so I mean it’s not really nice I’m working out flip right now myself. I don’t know if you guys.  are are are 50 are 50 Gray the start of a new home we probably won’t do the whole hundred 1800 square feet I will take a look right you know what do you say. My first realtor call ever so basement remodeling Milwaukee that’s good to know right back atcha no money to make.  yeah usually if you want to go cheaper right putting in like laminate I know but it just depends on so it went well in that call was at first when he said that time didn’t have clients that want to do remodeling as able kind of a future reference the health is most like right now I am I hate hearing my voice you’re not over that one yet. What’s the weather like in Last week was there is Tanya last week Megan Smith Jennifer yeah I talk to her yeah I’m looking at the as the Ducks goalie tracking to see.  how are you why don’t you just call but something happened no worries on my end so. Send it or I can drop it off either one and what’s.

End of September 3 formation over to you if you have any questions about it what kind of give us a call Beautiful I don’t know why you don’t I’ve never heard of that before.  for some basement remodeling Milwaukee reason on the phone I don’t know why not me I don’t I don’t have 1 don’t care to seems they’ve been working out just fine for me because I don’t know if you’re overly happy people fake I’m not that happy I’m not trying to follow us on Instagram so obviously she knew who we were and I called and said no I’m never heard of you or what I was thinking we could do what I was thinking is we it you do you say is Ryan Back to Basics Builders and they say Hi and then you can ask do you have a list of contractors that you referred to in the end of the season so yes or no of 1/2 backspace Builders were remodeling right most likely.

 I don’t know where it’s going maybe maybe remote how’s it going page hey Drew the phone right now with basement remodeling Milwaukee somebody you mind if I transferred to Kyle anytime I actually need you. do you have no I was I am trying to help Yeah we do have it set up that way where we have a couple calls I’m so free go through all that stuff we can see that Left to be so nosy like that you listen to me You pretty much have to be move to wait a.  on how I sandwich sandwich leave bold is Mom wants to contribute it’s pretty intense I don’t really know that is a thing I really want to do but water like that but I’m almost to do it so. If you have questions give us a call.