What’s the right here oh my gosh we were talking about the theater room Right so if we do this one we know we have a game room so I guess you could put a big game room in your basement if this person is shuffle boarding child ever play you know they’re like a little table which is kind of cool but no longer just like gaming rooms of games I find 1 play a different ping pong table I would love to pick one.  we are having a that desk will be better cuz then like you said realistically she’ll sit where you’re standing and I went to a little like really get out basement remodeling Milwaukee comfortably squeezing in nice if you don’t like that one yeah she’ll like that she starting to get to the age see also yeah she’s getting to the age where she I don’t know if she is starting to learn that things can be fun like that she starting to walk now so that’s always good.

Yeah I mean I was put in somebody else’s house then that’s awesome know for sure I mean she’ll like it thank you when she learned she was kind of funny cuz like you know she hits wings like the couches and stuff and she likes that so she thinks it’s okay just to see a person and whack them in the face we just tell her to be nice and then she just repeats nice Chuck Nice.  Kevin schuckert Devon schuckert agency quill.com I’m putting this under the door I’ll do it Wisconsin Avenue.  Basement remodeling Milwaukee I will get this one there’s stairs and we’re Sage right doesn’t want to work probably probably the same reason why Davion doesn’t want to work for his dad if there is a reason I could see that being frustrating though especially flushing construction to like I would want to work with I don’t think I’d want to work with my dad Anyways we look at this game room pretty basic setup at the ping pong table in the basement that everybody likes all these are painted the same way at the poker room I’m not big poker guy on this won’t be pretty incredible if you did this it looks just like a bar that you would see in real light everybody.

will be over at your house see my big movie guys I love for people to come over for movies, but if you look at this Notice when they have it designed almost exactly like with a bar basement remodeling Milwaukee would be no you come down the stairs the bathroom you know what the next the pool table there’s the no all the trace on the Shelf in the back is a TV in the corner which really good to the bar feel let me really cool to do can I have a room I would literally just spray the ceiling black on the bed stone work in the walls it’s something that is really ridiculous how many ways of keeping down on the skimmer was pretty cool it’s like a big Iowa Hawkeyes theme but not big Iowa Hawkeyes Stonewall bar would be pretty cool I can look So when I look up Stonewall bar that’s not even when I get home Got to look at it in basement but other than that we have Look at this one their stones and everything on this one it’s a nice bar or wet bar this one’s pretty cool don’t know how you get through there are some cool maybe I get to 3 money has a p s appointment with ADD girlfriends Marley to 40 so he said that he’ll just have to miss some of the meeting yeah yeah but at least he was going to I think it’s a plus that he’s not missing the whole day for a 2:40 appointment that’s why when I said to him right when I use talk some doctors my doctor is basement remodeling Milwaukee .

I have to schedule an appointment and it’s months in advance and it’s like whatever time you can do I know some. My doctor is whenever you can get in you get in typing things so cuz I have like a endocrine specialist I have to go to and he’s literally booked until October right now so how that look no you still look up Rollie Pollie Ashley like well all you can go on my way right yeah I know right insert – got to relax.  title for a little while longer it wasn’t until after I go to the bathroom yeah sure if it hurt that bad he went to doing that And yesterday was fun we heard about that all basement remodeling Milwaukee cheese scared of dogs but that 1 how can you be scared of you this big like the dog at Katz’s house I’m a little scared I’m not going to let that one have you tried them yet easy pedal none of these like to scare too easily I don’t know man I got bit I got that fight dog I got bit by dog I was just scared once and I like it right here I got bit stop was kind of scared of like storms.

I just want I just want to pet this dog it was a new look at the option that we had a just-right the face oh my basement remodeling Milwaukee God I look for those dog Pringles dog is really awesome Primo’s dog is like you just touch its back over for you how this was Platinum during the orientation sorry thanks. Yeah i am actually done for the week and i did way more than what was necessary so i am extremely happy and satisfied with that. We are listening to the radio and i feel like i have heard some of these songs fifty times this week but it is still so much so much better than country music that i truly do not want to listen too.