What’s that later tonight Morse the one on the one yesterday was good do not like going on estimates you stinky. Basement remodeling Milwaukee I don’t yeah I just say it like just depends like we’ve had somewhere words it like I was the one we were just not in it it was I think it was a barrel that was like four they want to add a bathroom in their bedroom yeah and I was just like not trying to be conversation I was just like I was there and I’m like this is it was 4:30 I’m like this is already make this point.  yeah I know the Saunders calling me did somebody already go there.

He’s also off when you send it okay so all right right okay okay okay.  see you where you basement remodeling Milwaukee run the wires through okay so those are all everything’s already kind of set up where it’s supposed to be okay all right so good right yeah I will also let you know beforehand when the dry waller is. going to be there gotcha Hardware will make sure make sure cuz Mark comes back tomorrow so that’s and talk to him about that I’ll make sure you got your text so he can relay that basement remodeling Milwaukee message correctly and then also I got it now so right.  prefer us just a text and me and he said and he said yeah and he said you’re on vacation. Perfect  so he’s got a bunch of wires and table with all your wires and he just wants to make sure that when the dry waller comes that they leave space so that he can still have access to these wires like little holes in the wall or something the grandma Mike run the wire through the theater room see that he said he thought he texted Mark and I said well march on vacation since we have yesterday so we have to make sure Mark relay that information to Joe. Okay so all right either way though since you’ll probably knows I mean it’s. Pretty  stand the theater room bud he’s a relay on that I got off should I keep my right thanks I basement remodeling Milwaukee want to mess that up.For some reason my headphones still don’t work to get the strawberries yeah we get those two we get those 12 fruits for being loyal customers we use other people’s money to buy Edible Arrangements true ridiculous videos written right thereYeah.  Tierney’s designer that’s good oh she said they wouldn’t if he didn’t like you guys oh yeah yeah I think this one was good Tierney and then you said that the $23,000 bathroom 1 BB gun bonus for me.

Basement remodeling Milwaukee exciting then maybe if Kyle can get 3 100 if we can nail this guy down Steelhorse Realty in Menomonee Falls Nick Wagner that’s a.  will need your A game on his email is it is everybody’s email in there all right I’m sure yet you probably have to remind them that look I’m sure it cuz it’s Pi still shared with them right can you take you to take people off that went to Cheryl.  what is emailing yeah how to remove that W-4 1. could just text them We also have a lot of 3 on the way we look at almost done with this one this week today are you do I get pretty bored wanted to send you all day Sky’s birthday we can see that we have see like just say that voice and we just had to typing in more going on than just that.  no I just been at this chair all day and I’m kind of bored so not been doing all basement remodeling Milwaukee these all the Franklinton fair Realty and no more time and see what happens there I don’t know she just referred me to call later so that she won’t answer my phone call at what.  I

can just say you know I’m just trying to call back and go from there you know what he’s going to work out there that’s pretty girls that’s pretty girls in the door is also not working great there’s no reason to go out there on this guy will talk to him and but we will see that what fam rows big fan is in Golden back in the day I’m going to be fairly turned into a dr let me say that I can be like a bad thing to say maybe I’ll just guys.  copy say that I can be like a bad thing to say maybe I’ll just okay so basement remodeling Milwaukee just change that whole sentence but whatever new tallest of the office will be look at what she’s got going on we’ll see what they had in freshman year college and then nothing really changed if you go to the cell for.  super fast on butt make a snow globe in that situation but apparently he’s a guy that,  he’s a guy that people want to see I mean Chase pretty ripped we look to this one we can see that go back to go back to the the old days with that you can see that I could probably get 30 down this week which is actually.

Insane I don’t feel to do that I don’t really want to but I maybe I will I’ll be about halfway there starting today so it’s basement remodeling Milwaukee 16 gal to do I don’t know 5 5 and 6 so we’ll see maybe we’ll get 13 just going to go from there to be kind of fun I will definitely shoot that okay another people always talk all that.  not like talk all that spendIf we look at it seems like I still have to call.  I’m still dealing with some of the stuff I feel like I shouldn’t be dealing with anymore man I didn’t even mean to do that. okay because either way I’m going to go but what’s going to the see if she’s mad.