Cancel this is my first one of these where I actually have to talk about things that require building like and I talked about like the colors of a basement or the messy I’m already running out of ideas to think of like to go to Pinterest and just describe a room right so maybe we should do that Okay so I’m going to look at this basement right now it looks like there is white trim on basement remodeling Milwaukee the stairs which is pretty cool I mean the stairs have a brown tone to them they definitely don’t look they look so surprised that they don’t want the stairs finished what it is what it is they are you know they’re brown their sanded hardwood stairs on it personally I would have put it there.

I would have I would have put the same flooring that’s on the floor in the basement which looks like a laminate I’m going to take a berry and colored laminate floor which is kind of cool but when you look at that and then you look at the stairs the stairs cut that you know that brown is tone to them which is pretty cool on the railing I do enjoy see I just wish if they did the stairs in the stairs kind of matches table in the corner but if they did basement remodeling Milwaukee the stairs to match the floor though to really pulled all this basement together and they do have these really cool old school metal black railings Ashley just texted me doctor’s appointment Friday move somebody from the all this is Ramon I don’t know how he got my number but if I could redo contact going to do Ramon then put them in at work let me see his number he had the somewhat work at he’s a guy that just labor he’s got the installs things and does things like that so good for Ramon I asked if her coffee turned out well either way though so if we keep moving though it looks like there’s a very nice voice barn door in the corner on their own Black Tracks which is kind of cool it really matches the trim nicely the trim in the baseboards and all that nonsense.

There’s also a nice trim on the stairs it matches the baseboard again if they just did the stairs out of an awesome basement remodeling Milwaukee also I look at this table that they have its you don’t just a basic little table nothing crazy tuna corn I don’t know why it’s probably just for the design on the other side of the room they have another barn door that matches the first one and then also the couch looks like a lounge in the area I personally that you know the Barn Door gets in the way but hey it’s not my design, that’s what it is you know so there is that I’m free look at the ceiling right before I started here I did not know what to Black sprayed ceiling was but when I look at it now and I really enjoy that look I think you’re doing a basement that’s basement remodeling Milwaukee the look you should go for it, it’s definitely cheaper and I I mean yeah yeah everybody knows your kind would like it just disappears you only think about the ceiling especially when it’s sprayed so well in our painter does a really good job of spreading these feelings and making them look exactly like they’re supposed to.

Also if I look at the you know the cam lights can lights are pretty cool nothing much do you know which is basement lighting but I definitely make a difference in you know how the room is lit up I think if you can have a nice finished space you going to want that room to be lit up right  if you look at the walls you’ll see that only some of it is drywall which is you know what the design Choice I’m just right down stairs it’s painted but it’s on finish so you still have that brick wall there is a window see it’s a natural lighting but like I said those walls look pretty nice it’s just a different design Choice he only trying to save a little bit of money and they did a good job make it look nice.  basement remodeling Milwaukee from yesterday.

Yesterday was kind of weird because we showed up and we did the estimate we asked the lady if she had any other contractors looking at the property I’m she straight-up said no which okay she definitely must have lied but it is what it is right.  so what was funny though was as we got out of the out of the room we saw that there’s like six basement remodeling Milwaukee other contractors just standing in the lawn I’m in this like what’s going on here I mean it was kind of weird Kyle didn’t park in the driveway of the home without home knowing you do a lot of things we could do they want to stay around 35,000 which I don’t know what time and what it is I think it’s me by 40 but it is what it is you know if you’ll feel really bad about you know getting lied to but it is what it is you know there’s a lock that complain to that I’m not going to hold it against their that would be funny though to ask you know after she signs a contract what that was all about but until now you know our leader pretty dry so we need contracts it doesn’t matter who it is at this point.  basement remodeling Milwaukee Larry all we actually got in but like I said if you look at this light on there are some outlets and some cool things like that, looks like we are doing very good yeah that’s about it.