Basement Remodeling Milwaukee | What Type Of Windows?

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Hello I guess what today is y’all just turned into me and I’m so excited that you did because I wanted to bring some great news to you and Back to Basics building’s basement remodeling Milwaukee and I believe my mother has made its comeback I know that at we’ve been waiting we’ve been waiting forever for some great great white and I just I’m so excited that it’s finally here and I wanted to talk a little bit personal about a remodeling projects and I kind of suck this in Word I’m even talking a lot about self caring when you’re doing a remodeling project and you’re standing in your sanding and you’re standing and you’re standing and you’re adding the hardener the lacquer in your adding shine to it in your polishing it there’s a process when you’re Remodeling and a that’s one thing that we do understand is that everything has a process and if you go through some of our files you won’t understand that through different processes different learning experiences we take notes and review them and we know that things change throughout and it’s exciting and sometimes it’s hurtful and sometimes we grow from it and so be it at Back to Basics Builders basement remodeling Milwaukee it’s been a definite challenge to know what to expect out of covid-19 I know I took on and updating project definitely not a remodeling project but in my home I wanted to update my kitchen and so I did and it’s still a process it’s still a day by day it’s still I don’t have all the pictures I want it still I need paints or this color isn’t working out or let’s look at some blinds are different things that will polish up my project is what I’m looking at now accessorizing and what not and maybe including a coffee bar but the core of my project is being completed and I’m in the very early steps of it and I know once our cabinets were finished in our handles around I was excited to have a drawer that opened to have a cabinet that opens and I could put things in and it just it made me joyful to know that I have in one day I stepped back and it was recent because I was recently diagnosed with pneumonia and it really hurt me that I just had a meeting with the staff the owners of Back to Basics and we talked about new upcoming sin new beginnings and turnarounds and 180s and I just I started becoming funky because pneumonia hit the following weekend and this was on a Friday so I left that Friday and I was coughing and coughing and I thought it was just my allergies I get allergies it happens their environment so it’s not a big deal all of a sudden I couldn’t stop and you know we’re in a pandemic can’t cough and public I feel like I’m dying so I keep taking antihistamines I’m knocking myself out then finally It Back to Basics Builders basement remodeling Milwaukee I decide to go for a Cobra test because I had an appointment that I wasn’t allowed into because of my horse because of my gasping and because I couldn’t breathe lightly could not breathe and I went into the covid-19 center they shove this tighten up and down my throat from my nose it burned like how my eyes produce tears I never thought they could produce all at once and had to get myself out of this funk the testing came back negative then I had to schedule an appointment with my doctor but because I’m coughing and I didn’t have a and I’m guessing they didn’t want me in to the clinic with people that have been positive for they reviewed my test they screen me for pneumonia and Bam cat ammonia I couldn’t get out of bed for a good 24 hours I was working from home I was crying and a where a family-owned business so when one does well we all too well this is Unity this is we want people to Dubai we want people to be great we want people to always be encouraged and I can’t tell you how many times I just broke down because I felt like I let my team down and I was crying it was very emotional and I always wanted to know like why at Back to Basics Builders basement remodeling Milwaukee let me tell you we have the best support I came in Friday and I was working on Tuesday however images frustrated meme because I went home and that Wednesday I was just done and then Friday I finally started I could drive by myself I could walk and breathe and I could I can make it from point A to point B I can’t do anything beyond that I can’t go and take the kids on the playground I can’t walk them through the park yet because I can only take care of myself I cannot take care of all of us at once unless we’re obviously in the home or whatever we’re doing but it where is supported team and sometimes when you’re working through remodeling projects you come to a wall if you’re in this time you have to overcome you have to start turning things around yourself nobody is going to do this for you nobody is going to tell you that you’re doing great and keep it up and oh my goodness what a beautiful job that comes from within you a Back to Basics Builders basement remodeling Milwaukee you love what we do we enjoy what we do but we never ever want our customers to feel like they’ve had a wall we want you to care for yourself throughout this project we want you to start new beginnings through this project we want you to know that there’s always growth there’s always something to grow from and that’s what we’re here for me here to help you understand that we don’t want you to be burdened by a new project but we want you to for see what the product of this remodeling project can be