Basement Remodeling Milwaukee | Are You Looking for a Great Deal?

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It’s a great thing at Back to Basics Builders thank you all for coming today has been a great day even though it’s been a little rainy the sun isn’t shining however it was this morning at Back to Basics Builders basement remodeling Milwaukee we are here to talk about some fun cool things that are going on in our community we also want to talk about some fun things going on in the remodeling biz for example our government today has opened up some more lovely local businesses that are striving in thriving through the covid-19 scene some of those businesses are pets grooming stores some of those places are upholstery stores others are in relation to engines being remodeled and we are so thankful that through this entire process of social distancing that app Back to Basics Builders we were able to stay social distance and to stay healthy through the entire covid-19. Mike it’s not over yet let’s not jump to conclusions knock on wood haha a we are really excited to move forward and begin some basement remodels another one of a remodels is considered a closet which is great I know that I am so excited because I think that works for the crisis but I know that many families have and that we were able to support and help our employees through this entire pandemic and I cannot be any more grateful and thankful for the things that Back to Basics Builders basement remodeling Milwaukee houses done not only for their clients but also for their employees kudos to them. let’s get back to business so we have a few estimates that came in we have a few proposals that went out and we’re excited to start a new project this month actually that’s two products this month and we are moving forward with a huge basement project and we are blessed to have work we are blessed to have work during the pandemic of covid-19 at we are some grateful people and a team of employees that love to do basement remodeling projects one of the key request for some of these basement remodels is that we transform old to new and bring in some modern style and I love to tell people that there is more than the primary colors to life however sometimes people can only see what they want and through basement remodels we have talked through color we have talked through stain we have talked through Floor Decor we have talked through what bar Drybar we have talked through many different options that families get to choose and at we totally have a new process and it’s a live document where you are able to put your choices in so that we can pre-order your items and make sure your subcontractors have them the time that they come in to do their work this is the most exciting piece to our business that has recently been added at Back to Basics Builders basement remodeling Milwaukee only because it helps the team stick together and they’re also helps the team know what to expect when to expect it we’re giving dates were given X we’re giving choices and we’re all sticking to the same agenda and I cannot tell you how important it is for back to take this stuff for their clients and for their employees and I love it I love the new agenda process for all clients and for me here in the office it cannot be more exciting than picking a new color of paint or epoxy for a floor it cannot be more exciting than deciding whether a wet fart or a jar a back-to-basics Builders basement remodeling Milwaukee we want our families to know that they are cared for we want families to know that they are considered and respected the moment we knock on their door we want families to know that we appreciate their difference that they bring to our business we also want families to know that we are here for them we are here to support them we are here to understand their situations and we are here to help them through step-by-step as their basement remodel at Back to Basics Builders there’s more to us than remodeling there’s charisma there is excitement there is family there is culture there is life there is definitely difference and we love to celebrate difference here at this office we want all of our customers and clients to know that they are in great hands when they give us a call are there free estimates and follow through with their proposals for 15% reduced rate than any other company in the business it is one of our go-to for selling our work and we love that we can provide a cheaper rate than any other company out here in the Morgan County area preferably close to Wauwatosa however we do not complain we are definitely excited and we love to work with different families so thank you again for those who came out during covid-19 and were able to get some remodeling projects completed during the quarantine we are very very very grateful for your business and we are very very grateful for your consideration of us as well we appreciate families that respect us and keep us safe as we keep you safe at we are a family-owned business and we appreciate the small things in life please reach out to us and anytime if you have any questions or comments we are here for you to help you through step by step any given need of remodeling we are here to walk you through the transition of each step from bar cabinets to floor and ceiling at back to basics builders basement remodeling milwaukee it is our duty to be the support of families going through the remodeling process and it is our best times yet that we celebrate the differences each family brings us.