Okay so I’m going to start a typing here again basement remodeling Milwaukee. Because I really want to get at least three thousand words already got a thousand words when I got to get at least a thousand more to go down to these. And then I can ask you what I said but so maybe I’ll talk about like what I’m doing this weekend. So this weekend on Saturday woohoo is a Mason’s dad size family reunions. I’ve met his dad tired at least like a few of them. Like I meant like are we see like me since Grandma and Grandpa and I like all that kind of thing. But I haven’t met a lot of like the aunts and uncles or cousins or anything. So I’m going to go to the brewery on Saturday at 7 page cited I think it’ll be a lot of fun and I don’t know I bought and then we have to find somewhere from Marvin because obviously you can’t stay home all day long by himself because we are going to get down there at noon the game doesn’t start till 3 so I’ll probably be eight to 10 hours that we’d be gone on Saturday so we’re just going to ask this and I’m off tomorrow back to Madison. So he’s going to stay home with my parents this weekend I’m I’m sure he’ll love that I love you super excited to get all the attention of the with Miss Magnolia basement remodeling Milwaukee.

So he’s going home tomorrow night I’m definitely going I’m going to miss him but I mean I’m going to go back then on Sunday morning to grab them. Because I do have to be back by 3 on Sunday afternoon because Sunday afternoon my old Milwaukee River she got it for me for a late Christmas present. And so we’re pretty excited about that but yourself. But I do not send it but I think he’s definitely excited to just because he’s suspended two games at 2 I think it’s more like my fourth or fifth game I believe. I went I found like Maddie and have a couple times but I mean it’s pretty exciting I really like going to the parade and I think a lot of fun the only thing they kind of stinks is that it definitely does get pricing sometimes. Like I can get a little bit expensive so I know we are going to tailgate prior to the game starting now so that’ll be nice basement remodeling Milwaukee.

I really have been craving like a bra or something too so I’m sure we’ll have like brought some burgers or something in my assumption. But then asked me to ask your mom like if we need to bring anything like if we do anything to the tailgate to it like working for meeting or not just like eating the food I guess. Because I feel like sometimes I feel like we’re just going to move to everybody. Like I don’t really want to be like that at all light I like cooking I like like contributing I guess. So I’m pretty excited about that but it should be hopefully I think the weather supposed to be nice and give it’s a good weather days and that’s always worth it end basement remodeling Milwaukee. But he hasn’t been on Sunday I’m going kayaking with Emma.

We’re going to go down in the Milwaukee or river. And I’d be a lot of fun I saw it on somebody’s like Instagram a couple years ago. And I think that sorry I’m just like reading some articles. I just really need to read them. But and then I think I mentioned it to my roommate just like maybe once or twice I just saw the cop would it be to go kayaking down the Milwaukee River and I was like I saw somebody with high school is she did itYes I might have mentioned it to her like maybe once or twice and I didn’t really assume that like she would like ketchup on it I guess. I didn’t know if this person went through a company or if they just had their own kind of kind of problem down there I was not sure at all like what happened basement remodeling Milwaukee.

But she actually found a company in like she got me tickets for Christmas and so we’re going to go on Sunday. And I she just went to give me the tickets to the kids at the light coming at 8. Cuz she knew that like obviously somewhere as a meeting with my first like big full time job. So I should really just assume that I could like schedule something like that far in advance. Without knowing where I’ll be working like when I’ll be working in that kind of thing. Like I didn’t know like how much like time I was working I guess I don’t know but so we finally found a date that works for us to go Sunday at 3. And I can definitely making it a big point to be there but only cuz she scheduled up because I really want to go and I haven’t seen her in a while. Like I feel like I definitely haven’t seen her much lately just because like people get so busy and mucus stuck in my throat I am definitely ready for a weekend where I can just relax. I definitely haven’t had that in a long time but I think will be a fun weekend and be really busy but like I think out this coming weekend but the weekend after I will finally have a weekend where I don’t really have any obligations anything like that important to do basement remodeling Milwaukee. I think that’s pretty exciting for myself just because light haven’t had an eye on them pretty excited to be able to relax and all that kind of thing. If you want to look what I found something really cool article.