Okay I am on my last article of the day. And the rest of the day I got some other things I need to get done. I need to make a new post on and do you have her job so I need to make some phone calls later today. So last update on the next 3 hours or so and then after that I will be heading out. This article I title we got our project basement remodeling Milwaukee. If you think you need a lot of stuff over the weekend at your house. Which is kind of pens in the project at the school for the things you’re choosing to do.

Like a lot of time like a my family we painted bedrooms in different rooms of the house a lot of the weekends if we needed to. Typically would go pretty fast if you weren’t like the type of people who do I prime the walls or anything you just going to slap the paint on the wall and if it worked it worked if I don’t know all and it’s going to stay there anyways. Select my parents typing with her master bedroom lights leave mustard yellow color on 3 Walden like the deep red color light the back wall. It turned out really nice looking for the ride was so hard to do because I kept on like showing all the brush Strokes. So we had to pay that like a couple times we still got a ton of the weekend. Or like my grandfather came down one weekend to I’m not a Pioneer entire basement. Like that sounds like a really good job but like the fact that we had was me my mom my dad and my brother and my grandpa all the 5 was made to go pretty fast basement remodeling Milwaukee.

I mean my brother I didn’t do too much we just got over there to like drink that carries over bring stuff to place to place kind of thing. But like I was still looking very big project that we kept on the couple days and I mean like it act like that goes to show that you can do even the smallest projects in a couple days. Penney what they are accustomed. So I got him another thing that we’ve done is how we put in our pet our backyard. And it wasn’t like it’s not like a world-class I can see fire pit like it’s definitely just like a little man made one. Like it so like we just resume back to raise the previous leave you had like above ground pool in the spacing our backyard and like a bunch of a we just like a pop or something would just be a needing any more food to get rid of it but our backyard is like pretty much a big hell of a slope so we had to take out like a flat circle spot for this pool to go so that way it would be somewhat level for us to use. And I’m halfway through the pool we really just have the circle level like dirt all. And if you don’t have to caps to see it if you look at the aerial view of our house. I’d like to really what we can do with us not like we could just fill it it was like different stuff like see you know what that is like the grass back whenever they want to do that. So I was always want to fire upon our backyard we literally just left field in with mulch is that in the very center for the fire pit we put some stones and what not. And then we judged it all I don’t like to say I did something Kelly Menards I don’t know what it was called basement remodeling Milwaukee.

But it was super easy took us a couple of hours and it actually turned out really nice. Love you so used to this day. We do have to put them all to their thinking we also need to reply the piece that I do too because they got freaked out I think I’m I don’t know I have to do is to let us not there anymore. for Saunders? he was on his best behavior closest place with certain people at Saunders I’ll be honest I feel like going all the way cut this out we put a tree up 4 years ago a part of your hope you’re go to yourself. I’m so 2 years ago we’ve always always water crabapple tree at our house. Because at our old house we had like this gorgeous big like mature crab apple tree if we moved we don’t have any trees at our current house. Like the only tree at our house is this true that we planted it like 2 years ago. So it’s all like just flat there’s some bushes I guess but there’s no trees just over the odd to me basement remodeling Milwaukee.

You just like everybody else in the neighborhood has trees it’s literally just my parents house it doesn’t have a single tree in the yard. Whatever so a couple years ago with his head to play to crabapple tree basement remodeling Milwaukee. My mom when I went out to a local like gardening store to pick up a tree. We brought a bag. Big old hole I put three in the hole. It’s like literally this is just a few things I thought that you can do they going to be here. You can really get along You can also follow remodeling projects in a row because I can make it back it back. Like it really doesn’t need that much time and effort they really just needs to like have quality I don’t feel like talking. Lee you can do it in your heart where you can card and you can do landscaping. There’s like a lot of things you could do that make a really big impact on your house basement remodeling Milwaukee.