Testing testing hello hello hello is this working today. Perfect I’m so happy that these are working I put them in before I left some Thursday so I’m happy that they’re fully charged and ready for me to use today because I have big goals today. I want to if possible get like 6 or 7 SEO is done today. I know that Ryan is out today he’s sick so I want to be able to at least make up for those. So if I could get more that’d be great if not that’s totally fine as well. I don’t think I have a super busy week I had right now basement remodeling Milwaukee.

I just have a lot that I want to get done. A lot of stuff that I want to get done up line of work as well 2. Yeah. So first things first imma to talk about like what it’s like to Justified Calico we going to reset. So over the weekend I will also post fall on Thursday I was able to right and yes he owes that definitely put a damper because the wife I was down. So it’s something I’m pretty out of our control we can really change that. But so I didn’t do any ico’s last week Thursday or Friday cuz I was out of the office on Friday but that’s totally fine sometimes things just happen to have to kind of row with it make the best out of it. But yeah so on Thursday at 5 I thought I left a little bit over the years because there wasn’t really a lot I could do and it was really nice to get home like kind of in the middle of the day. It was a really gorgeous nice beautiful day out so that’s 4 night that was you wasn’t as hot as it was then we could take him around somewhere like fun I think. But it actually really good day Thursday I think so on Thursday then I do my Apple watch has not been working for a while now and I’m so I asked Mason if you would want to go into the Apple store with me try and get that fixed. But by the time we got there like I literally asked the lady and a cheese that I just turned me down was like we can’t fix that here. To call AppleCare and like they have to try to figure it out and chances are they won’t be able to and you just got to get new watch. But I’m pretty sure that’s just her I want to try make sail and I was like not having I was kind of mad with that. So we loved and like that’s down because I was really hoping to get that fixed because I wanted to be able to use my watch because I use it on the daily. Yes I love my mom and my mom though they sent to me tonight we walked around the mall for just a little bit trying to see if there’s anything else we saw that we like wanted or were interested in that kind of thing but we actually didn’t see anything basement remodeling Milwaukee.

I think it was more or less we just don’t spend money that’s totally fine as well. So we left actually after I think my mom was a little sad just because. that then we went to everyone to DSW and three hole all we want to do so are you Old Navy it somewhere else I believe so kind of brows and look around. I didn’t find anything at Old Navy which is a total bummer cuz usually I find a thing or two. I’ve been looking for some new clothes to wear for work but it’s just so hard because their stuff is just so expensive and I don’t really understand why that is and it’s really frustrating at times basement remodeling Milwaukee.

But so I did not get anything there and then I think we also stopped in. Exercise with option another sore but I remember what Sarah was but which is totally fine but till then after that we went home and I just did some laundry got packing and cuz Thursday night we were going to watch Mason’s cousin little baby. So we went home to get ready to do that and we just wanted to kind of figure out what you’re doing for dinner. Black was one of those weird night for like I was hungry but I don’t know what I wanted or like anything like that. Oh my gosh that you that though I owe me some money for that too so I had to pay him back for that. But he really had his heart set on Tamara and I don’t notice other lately I just realize I don’t really like clear that much basement remodeling Milwaukee. I really like there’s different like kind of soup and salad place really go out more and I wish you would have went there instead. But do you want to put in her suite at Panera I thought I was getting Jimmy John’s or something else basement remodeling Milwaukee.

Whatever so I won’t watch Julian but like we got there at 6:30 and it’s bedtime 7 So eventually his parents actually put them down before they even locked. Just because it’s easier when they’re fast they’re putting him to sleep and they go out and do people put them to sleep. It’s almost that time we just kind of hung out watch TV and Mason studied for the CPA and that was about it. And then after that they got home around like I think like 9:30 I should be left to drive home at 11:15 11:20. And my parents. I was so incredibly excited to see me that she literally wouldn’t go to bed untilĀ  Just realized I think maybe you wouldn’t go to bed. Which is Shih Tzu puppies basement remodeling Milwaukee.