All right here we go we’re going to go back on to VSCO Grandma to my buddy had to say said my girlfriend said well that’s good you are like a national I can make sure, not working in the first place filled go out though so we should be golden.  see ya let me know basement remodeling Milwaukee no worries we keep looking at your house looking like iPad screen repair cuz I would definitely like to get this fixed You Break I Fix in Brookfield a bunch of reviews that’s good I go to the website for the iPhone how to repair the C tablets starter repair there goes iPad Air does I don’t know which iPad I have how do I check to see which one I have I guess if I go to the general and go to about operation 14.42 Jose generation to 8 generation broken glass 3227 Smith I don’t know basement remodeling Milwaukee.

Why I can’t 2 carrion and walk-ins with a bunch of these in the area I don’t know why they’re also closed but I want to Brookfield I just keep looking up that’s why it’s going down that way probably if we keep looking at this SEO and I go to start repair this is already becoming a little too much for my screen to be fixed and then I’ll have to get a screen protector we just keep okay i definitely need some more words because I don’t have enough and of course I’m listening to  people eat chips just like i was during this time last week. Wow what incredible luck i have. going I did break a winning in the workplace notes.

I  just look over those I said the first one from Session 1 part 3 is it as you move up there is risk song people respond to you anyway not like you slept it’s definitely a risk. Another thing I got you can’t have power without responsibility there’s more moving pieces when you’re more power so the responsibility goes up as well as your power. There’s like there’s a good basement remodeling Milwaukee thing that’s at what is your why why do we need money and it’s to not be homeless obviously to make sure that we I can provide for ourselves and our family your why has to be greater than your struggles best off are you going to put them in the link sheet at least you’re not doing that yeah that’s that’s a week project when you get down time if I can get mine done I can always look at those but I give you all right I want to do an interview I got back last night. See  oh no is meaning on to I will do but but everybody’s got to pay their dues essential.

Let’s see what else we have if we’d need to produce basement remodeling Milwaukee results that’s what the valued value is how much how can you help the company make money how much money can you make people think of work and just terms of making a paycheck I’m definition of fun should be making money I was definitely a thing like work doesn’t always have to be fun but if you’re making money then they will be more fun. if we keep going I’m session 2 part 2 attack of revenues expenses it’s pretty basic stuff for bosses workings production means making money for the company you’re invisible if you don’t make money for them when your value is determined by how much money you make them as business first busyness add value by same company I need to make them you can have a leave your savings it’s something money making the company money and save the company time difference basement remodeling Milwaukee between showed up and stuffed up that’s pretty exciting. You can say become more front of mine for your boss on to do that you get to become a star employee become in in the chair material by solving problems.

And then that moves up but that also comes with risk if we look at our little pyramid Nico’s Jewel and Sarah at the top and they go down and then across from each other column bark been under Kyle is me under Mark is Davion and then under Adam and Davion is Brandon Ramon and Liam the building part 82% of people don’t trust their boss to tell the truth and you need to build Fellowship through trust so nobody’s going to want to follow you if they don’t trust you which definitely makes sense. Basement remodeling Milwaukee this website is not working volume on iPad screen fixed You Break I Fix sofa go to websites resume mobile fixer in Brookfield  okay now we’re going back down this way I guess it doesn’t matter New Generation software version we go to the new generation the only thing on here at the generation so broken glass we have what is broken LCD the glass is broken on casket you You Break I Fix go to I don’t know 11 minutes away so I guess I can do the one on West Bluemound Road I want to the closest maybe this one North Mayfair Road font 11 minutes to okay what about Greenfield Ward yeah we can do the one in Greenfield to West Holmes Avenue in Greenfield we can do West Holmes Avenue make appointment why not first name Ryan Dietrich email is Dietrich Ryan 20 app if I go to the 4 more phone for 208 I don’t know what to say all that basement remodeling Milwaukee I do don’t know what time they’re open till until 7 so I do say Friday 5 p.m. Friday 5 p.m. I think I put this on my phone location of spray do location on this thing 4 4 Darrell West Holmes yeah that’s fine all right good that’s done I finally get that fixed. If you have any issues with your basement or would like it updated in general give us a call!