Okay so we’re going to continue with the talk that we just had and that is the fact that they’re talking about van Riemsdyk over for a check I may be with other up for a player but I didn’t go wrong with Van Riemsdyk either some fashion facts on here isn’t there whatever Union show I don’t even know who’s all in that but it is what it is I don’t even know what that video.  I was so basement remodeling Milwaukee we go down to the Penguins who to get from Panguitch to BJ’s in soccer I know him from Minnesota is 29 is a little bit older but he’s a guy that’s always been able to score goals this year she was hurt so we didn’t score any goals since 2014 easily missed 20 goals one time so he’s still very good player you know what 22 goals 33 goals 21 goals 20 goals out cuz this guy so was up there to be a guy I would consider him a first blind guy in Ben dreams.

You get those guys all the sharks there is Brent Burns that they probably given up and he’s got a big contract he’s older I want to see who they think they think they would instead get a guy named Dylan Grandpa who’s a young Center I don’t know like if you ask me you kind of just one like the big players but I think I can afford it cuz the captain numbered is 8 million m in a big step down this year going to from 83 points to 45 to 29 players you was when you say scoring 2016 scored 29 goals in 76.6 rows of blocking shots heading guys he just don’t have that in a mini more basement remodeling Milwaukee look at this.

I know he is a guy I know he’s a pretty imposing maybe he’s just a good solid defenseman for St Louis I would like to have him on the team to Tampa Bay call Tyler Johnson from Tampa Bay he’s a guy that the score definitely a bad guy to have on your team but you just Center probably the first or second my first or second Center the Maple Leafs there is Alexander kerfoot who barely heard of him but his first two years he scored 19 goals is not a bad player either you find me a third fourth lines most likely Third Bank Hoover who would be I don’t know his name is Jonah glad you’ll itch which I’ve never really basement remodeling Milwaukee heard that name before essentially Elitch is the name is what Google told me it is I’m 22 right now here we 23 early next year but he’s seen all the young left Winger use a second-round pick but you know a guy that essentially flew through the system if you already played a game if you go to capitalize every detective vanasek who is a 25 year old goalie this is his first year playing any kind of was like the starter for I’m for Washington even though they thought they were going to get do that played from her New York all those years on is this a good goalie Washington Capitals goalie affordable Washington Capitals goalie it is on Henrik Lundqvist is who it is go down then we of Winnipeg options Ryobi Oshie which will be you do maybe a decent go get decent pick up for a score just interesting to see you then there’s right way maybe Mason Appleton who have a bad here but he’s definitely a fourth-line guy basement remodeling Milwaukee.

But they’re projected lineup will be Van Riemsdyk left-wing Johansson starting at Center on their Johnson at the right wing who maybe they would we.  new soccer Andre Bailey I like that I like green way I like her foot I like Johnson with two asses Richie SE re Appleton and their schooling than Alan you know extras you know some guys that I took the extras on defensively you know if the start with you and Don that’s a very good to make a British and a hand I like that one and I like Graves and kuchen so that team right up the back and win games I don’t think there’s anything about this was the 2.090 know what that is but we’ll see where are they going on there Appleton I mean Kieffer Bellows as a I don’t know what all these guys are of Johansson with the pic here again and there was Johnson Wheels have Curb footer and you know they like that one TJ Oshie see Seattle area and all he could definitely just the guy I would be the first Captain which be kind of cool Christiana Mall I don’t like this one as much but let’s you TJ oshie’s Dance Arts I’ll be really cool if we got TJ Oshie everybody knows he’s the guy that made that insane gold for USA in all kind of like that USA what gender 8 homes from Washington which would be kind of cool to see him don’t do that he’s still pretty good player so I do probably Jersey.

I get right if I to get her act in Jersey probably TJ Oshie I’m a lot of people like o’she there’s nothing wrong with that basement remodeling Milwaukee and check my emails I got one from I want to be on acorns anymore how do I get how to get out of acorns man that was a scam updated so but I’ll try still get messages somehow that’s just how it goes on okay what’s venmo I sent that for groceries yesterday and then you’ll Father’s Day I don’t I don’t need emails from I want you to know some plan for this anymore so now my email cash be more manageable basement Milwaukee okay not that one basement remodeling Milwaukee there we go. Having an updated basement can increase the value in your home. You’ll be happy you did it whether you’re selling your home, or it will be for you to enjoy.