Testing testing testing hello hello hello. Okay perfect we are off to a good rest of the day. Or earlier I took a few hours off will not really off I to go through to these drop off basement remodeling Milwaukee. That’s where we drive around and drop off different information I like to 4 realtor offices and help cell if you receive a referral from them. We fed know most of them a few times already except for two of them is only the second time there today. That was really nice but to get back in there like get some more familiar with her face that our material I guess. The one in Shorewood that I went to a super nice take a walk to there’s like three or four women just kind of sitting by the front desk discussing a few things I believe. And I dropped off some treats and I kind of told them who I was who I was with and I can always do it that kind of thing. Actually one of the realtor say or ask me like do we only do large projects are we do we do smaller projects like what kind of projects we definitely could look for it and I says I just kind of berries per person I would say basement remodeling Milwaukee.

Until then she said that she actually needed a renovation. In her basement if there’s a few things that she wants to get done including getting a dress window installing new flooring and they got all kinds of stuff and so she was asking me if we would do an estimate I just told her to go to give us a call when they talk things over. So hoping to give us a call I found where your house is located located in a good neighborhood it’s a little bit ways away so I’m not super sure about that but I think it’d be really good thing if we could get our project on for a realtor and a real estate firm because then they’re more pounds even refers to their clients. I mean like if he can speak from personal experience about how they like I’m working with us or what. I think that would go with such a long way. And I think that’s how would even go a long way with in the office I guess I could delete a layer of fellow real estate agents like oh you work with this contractor we thought that they did a really good job and I would definitely prefer them to somebody else you like that kind of thing basement remodeling Milwaukee.

So I definitely hope that she is so call if they could be pretty good strong leave and she was super nice so I’m hoping maybe Friday that I shall call but I know that she works herself so that kind of thing very but I got that for this article I wanted to talk whatever color pictures. I feel like one of the things people need to decide like going into a renovation is what color fixtures they want to use in the initials. I mean obviously the main ones right now for like door handles Lighting in like all that kind of thing are going to be your silver your stainless steel your gold or like a map black. Oh my select map black ones been super comment and just hide the past few years. That is definitely by far my favorite one I also really like him for what he was like some gold right now. One that isn’t a super comment any more like what it used to be is like bronze. My parents current house has all broads like door handles all brands all bronze cabinet pulls all products light fixtures like whoever designed her house just really must like the color bronze. But slowly over the past few years turn on able to replace everything is kind of like update it bring it more up 2 style. And I think that really looks nice and I think the next thing they have not replaced the cabinet pulls yet. But I know that that’s pretty high up on their Pacific that they want to get done. Just because I’m it would go a long way or resale they think basement remodeling Milwaukee.

Play I thank God for my favorite is to Matt Black. I think they’re just looks really clean and modern. I think it looks really nice to like when people do like them longer pole kind of liked Oriental looking shape. I might have to do that is probably my favorite look as well as I got like the matte black with faucet and shower heads and like all of that kind of thing I just like it has a really clean I slept to it all. I think it all cohesively looks very nice especially when you like. basement remodeling Milwaukee With a white tile or something like that. But obviously my second favorite like I mentioned was cold it really like the way that cold kind of like stands out on stuff like especially like I really could be able to look in the cabinet of gold accent. I think that together that it just has something to look at look to it all personally like I do love the silver fixtures 2 I definitely think that I would be more prone to use silver fixtures rather than gold pictures even though I think they will call those look nice. Just because I call the 74 rows Aquarius over is definitely play get more safe. I definitely can’t place him safe and desire just because I know that it’ll last a lot longer won’t let go out of style. I won’t feel the need to redesign the space in a few years down the road. That’s where a lot of the pieces I take apartment that I can use for years on basement remodeling Milwaukee.