What was she particular about just like the finishes. also is there like are you can see it. did I just buy another long ago all. how much is a?  stop from work? basement remodeling Milwaukee 1000 square feet is a mineral wool insulation batt to make a sound fire black yeah there’s one of those that 20 of these special we estimated prelow at a hundred dollars for insulation are they just doing a basement I’ll see you maybe sometimes go this morning which is the first warning was here in a while wasn’t it oh that’s right he needs if I didn’t usually. what do you need to ask him if that’s Schmidt damn pretty though another client like that sounds good Testing testing hello hello. Perfect so for the rest of the start of a long talk with different colors of flooring. They taste like I don’t want to last for a while when I tried to paint in colors or if it was a lot of different kinds of styles of 4 in. And you can really go with either wood laminate carpet tile a little options are endless. If you like what you pick out like that like their stuff of what kind of 4 you want then you have to like the start of a color what shape and I’ll take you want stuff and like I don’t know if I can persuade me options for like I think it’s really hard to like pick out exactly what you want. My parents are actually currently looking for laminate flooring right now for their homemade 4. I think they really like stress out because they’re just waiting for my options like obviously like what they like and I’ll buy your might not like previous elderly phases trying to get the house ready to sell hopefully they want to sell it by the end of the end of next year is like I do but I actually have four more years basement remodeling Milwaukee.

My dad he retired a couple of years I know after he can retire my parents are move up to Managua with restroom outside of the family. But if you don’t want to move until he has retired because he’s so close and if he passes I’ve done Lancaster all over with I don’t know what just got all his job is working. Just cuz he works for the state and what not. But on yeah and that I know after he goes back to work soon I think too but I guess a lot of the people in this department highlight petitioning it because like you words for UW-Madison it I guess and the accounting department they’re only requiring with a handful of people to come back in the office and it him and liked his other color employee like why is it like here for the other employees basement remodeling Milwaukee.

Stay home and rest of us have to go back. But but I guess they’re think everybody is still going to go with it they’re doing but I guess if there’s one employee that like it’s absolutely refusing and like there’s red Terminator because she doesn’t think it’s fair which I kind of agree with her but I wouldn’t like I would want to lose my job or like my opinion. I also will my parrot I look like I can laminate flooring. Currently in her 4 for the carpet laminate hardwood tile linoleum move a all kinds of stuff on our first floor. And they just kind of want to make it all you like the same I guess. I think they want like not like a super dark color but like something like more neutral they don’t. They also wants me to.  don’t. They also wants to make super why you don’t why don’t I don’t know Mom likes the one where you can see all the variations of the different colors in the woods. she likes the ones that are a little bit thing I was sicker playing I believe. Fighting my daddy I don’t think he really cares all that too much I think he’s just more interested in like having something that looks like a feather to like having the mod Cottage looking for in that we have curly right now basement remodeling Milwaukee.

A few years ago he actually saw limited our whole office but we actually can’t find that exact same for any more and I guess they don’t really like it either so they’re just going to place at 2. I guess there’s was up a Costco there were they really like it’s just a matter of can they get enough of it at one single time I’m at Costco or they going to have to travel to multiple Costco’s to find all the fluids in you. Oh I would assume I actually think if I order some of it basement remodeling Milwaukee.

Speak it possible to I need to call them because I sign up for membership is literally like 2 or 3 weeks ago when I open a column shift card in the mail yet. And I really hope and get a few things there in the KFC can’t go until you my number ship card if we paid for it feel like it’s just really frustrating. Because there’s like a few things that we like to eat from there that it’s just makes more sense to buy it and both are related to buy in small quantities for more money at a grocery store. We also really like to use their paper towels and stuff and we’re running low on that hopefully by the end of this week or cards from the mail otherwise I’m going to have to go in and ask him try to print them off there or expedite some cards for us because I mean we’ve already paid for it it was already taken out of our bank account and we can’t shop there yet basement remodeling Milwaukee.