Hello hello hello testing testing.  OK this till Tuesday morning here in Wauwatosa. The temperature is going to be 80 degrees it’s freezing outside. Just kind of looking around but I thought I would talk about me color this article. I think I’ll covid Trends this year for pain is just like neutral colors basement remodeling Milwaukee. So like in the past I’ve just kind of Google down my the screen to the right by different examples whether be like rooms are furniture or decorative pieces or anything like that. Go and get it like inspiration from I guess. So that’s why I do this he’s going to go with paint colors for 2021. I think that I really gave him a lot of theaters in a lot of good search results popped off for my just because I feel like there’s a lot of different options of pain actually in general you know anyways basement remodeling Milwaukee.

So yes or no with Jordy of the images of popped up walls I like your best paint colors are patrons or like coming painter end of 2021 link something like that just pretending or pertaining to 20 to 21. So yes I like the right now I pulled up the beer paint color trends for 2020 1. I think that they have a lot of really good looking face. Had to switch images all that talk by typing stop because I couldn’t really read any of the names of the pain. And I think it’s important to me see the pain they’ve just because that’s what kind of distinguishes them from each other. I’m just kind of going through a bunch of rid of sticky notes on my desk right now. They are so I actually found a different one and it kind of really gives a lot of good paint leaves. I was about a year old but it is the 2020 HGTV Dream Home Coastal color palette. I think it’s really cool. They have a whole color palettes that they use in the interior of the house basement remodeling Milwaukee.

I also think it’s cool that they publish it for like other people to look at and I got to base their rooms in their spaces off of because I feel like a lot of people want to get that really expensive modern look at their home but I’m like a lower budget. And I personally I saw what the HGTV Dream Home look like last time I really don’t like it wasn’t my style personally. Of a little bit too bright for myself and I can understand if you give a case you’re going to be too old but these are different colors there that I wasn’t really a fan of. 4 Institute thanks a lot of like coral and bright Blues. Which I really like in general but I don’t know if I don’t like a whole Coral room I think that’s a little overpowering in a little bit too much for myself basement remodeling Milwaukee.

So I was only able to look at the house in like another thing I like about the house was just kind of the overall design and aesthetically. I guess you really didn’t have a lot of functional look to it. I think it had a lot of hopes and dreams for the space but I didn’t really execute it perfectly. That’s just my opinion I received a total of the house I didn’t get to go to the house I only saw pictures at the house or did you see the video of it. Couldn’t you just say do old TV show on how they like made out of wood so I did log in to things I know I think a lot of it started on the channel or link didn’t work they will collaborate on this house and it’s kind of like with a GoPro if like a lot of different Lee people’s imagination and design because everybody else has different reset itself. Like I think the person who had the biggest influence of the swords David bromstad I really like you but like I really miss design is my favorite. His offers TV show was called Color Splash and he just like pretty much goes on a Reuben like text Holly born break color delete this whole room is going to be great basement remodeling Milwaukee.

He really doesn’t allow her to kind of take out at all. And I a Muppet or new truck and I’m selling pallets I like to survive and he just really tries to fix up a Sprite and like inviting as possible it’s just like them regular guy like that pretty face to do but he just tries to make it super bright and like because I don’t know how to word it but her before she was using like the idea of a wallpaper of the real ones. Like beautiful like purple room and it had like a zebra print purple couch and all that. But so the paint colors that they use in the HGTV Dream Home where it doesn’t say the cuckoo what brand paint do you use. But they used all thickest peachy coralie color it’s called romance and then they use the command green is going to be and then you said it’s like darker brown beige and it’s called Chris Paul Gray basement remodeling Milwaukee. I know they have like this like going to braid a rope tone down Green I don’t know how to describe it it’s called restful and they have like a gray blue and it’s free they have like a white when I got yellow to do and that’s fundamental boy and they have more break Coral let’s coral reef that they have more of a forest green that I know what time. I the last two colors they have a Harley bold is literally like the color vanilla ice cream is called Noah and they have a navy blue one that has one is called Blue endeavor.