Testing testing testing hello hello hello are you working. Perfect good morning and happy Wednesday everybody basement remodeling Milwaukee. It is officially the middle of the week as I’ve said before I had a teacher of you say this was like create because like earthquake on Mondays and Tuesdays and Wednesdays I feel like you just like kind of productive every day but I feel like I was like your 3 most productive days because like it’s the beginning of the week and the weekend doesn’t seem as close when it’s like those days. So he always used to say like make today like the best day just because it’s like the peak of the week and I feel like that was like the last day that people put in the actual I forgot school. Like I got in the guy was in high school so I could go out to resume current make any effort an iced coffee cups like I mentioned Lee High School. Bananas today I brought from Irvine to work with me because Mason has like a 5-hour lonely take me to take today that you leave this can’t be interrupted during so yes if I can bring Morgan over to sound like highlight minimize distractions are just like in case the government has to go potty like somebody can take them out and I won’t be like taking him away from his exam. And like I’m not end definitely sounds like a smart idea I feel like and I think I was fine doing that basement remodeling Milwaukee.

Especially cuz like you wash Marvin like last night when I was with my friends and he watched Marvin like all during the day as well yesterday while I was working and I mean that I love speak at a hangout merge into which is super nice. And it’s really nice out I’m only able to bring him to know how to flick its lawyers don’t like allow that but being able to pick Marvin is super nice. I have for this article I got to love what a realtor is now. And I don’t mean it in like a rock like why would you ask them and not us they what do they know kind of thing I meant I mean I was like what do they know how can they control you. Realtors are really smart in the market. Like they know what people are looking for and I feel like that’s one thing when you’re doing a remodel you need to like understand unless you’re planning on living in the house forever I do what do people look for in a home when they’re buying basement remodeling Milwaukee.

But some people like we have clients until like a pink and blue bathroom so people are going to like that and then we might not buy a house because of that because they’re going to see that has a project which equals $2 in fines and when you’re buying a house like a lot of people don’t want to just send this really like right off the bat when I spend money a lot of the time they’re going to want to like by something kind of like you signed into it I guess. Select play I feel like if you have questions it’s always like a great idea to ask you earlier like what do you think can like what do you think I should do first to get the best investment and they all that kind of thing. And I don’t think a lot of people realize were thinking about adding a realtor when they have like those kinds of questions which is totally fine like how are you get to answer to the question I have is probably a good idea but yeah basement remodeling Milwaukee.

I like Mason’s dad is a realtor and you will go around to mostly just friends will do this for you to get somebody calls me over like his business phone and ask him he usually will say no just because he’s got all the things you can do but like if I friend or family member asked him if they could come take a look at their house to tell them like what they should do to like a perfect value of your home usually he’ll go over there for like an hour or so just to check things out see Lego what could they do like that kind of thing. And like he’s really happy to help because I mean like nine times out of 10 like people their friends and family will go through him so I can mean if he’s helping I guess just like that’s nothing you usually pays off pretty good basement remodeling Milwaukee.

The Kiki in my parents house because they’re sounds like a lot of questions they are they like a list of things they want pics before they sell. Like the amazing is their master bath as well as the flooring and I think the other thing is just like some minor things in the kitchen Replacing the cabinet handles and whatnot. Highlight came over and he did a complete walkthrough of the house and like I told them like if they want to receive the best like return on their investment like this is what they should do X Y see if they or like if they want to just like do something minor fixes I guess with another way he put it when they should do like this lesson this. And like it was super nice and helpful and they are slowly have chipping away at that stuff now they don’t plan on having all that ready though for a few years so they’re not in like a huge rush by any means. But yeah I definitely things like they now have the good general idea on what needs to be done and I think that that will help them in the long run we’re deciding on things basement remodeling Milwaukee.