Okay are you on 2 what is the fifth article of State basement remodeling Milwaukee. I am just now remembering something I don’t that I had in the last what’s my. Never mind I did enter and what I thought I forgot. You’re supposed to like write these things in these articles so many times that I definitely thought I forgot to write him in there and I was like oh shoot like I already uploaded everything but I actually I did write that stuff I yeah. But my goodness I’m just kind of looking at some old photos and videos of Barbie when he was a little puppy he was so tiny I can’t believe he’s gotten so big. He actually he goes in for his next bed appointment in a couple of weeks. And I’m just kind of curious to see like how much he weighs cuz like I mean I don’t think he weighs up much but obviously he’s heavier than what he was. I’m either going to pick him up he was only eight pounds and now he say probably pushing 40 lb or so and that just like I don’t know it’s crazy in my opinion basement remodeling Milwaukee.

But yeah so we will do that a couple weeks. I think we’re even more excited to take him up to the lake and I’m about 2 weeks we think that he will really like it and that’ll be a good time so for this article I’m going to talk about chair rail. Not going to lie I don’t know a lot about it I just like kind of know what it is when they know that it is inside of houses. A lot of like the time Cheerios just like a thin strip of wood in the middle of a wall going around a whole room that is almost like I mean like a railing. I know there’s like an actual purpose though. I want and I know that it’s like pretty much the same or he does like what the back of your chair would be in the your dining room.

So I think it has something to do with that but I’m not for sure I guess basement remodeling Milwaukee. PS I just kind of pulled up some pictures of what it is Ice Age what to tell her what you told me to get her I taught stage my favorite thing when I was on the swim team yes I put it in the freezer so to stay a little bit colder but in high school all week after I still need to go to Culver’s and I told Sage I was like we all would if our fries and are chocolate shakes the best thing at Wendy’s I’ve never had one of those no not a good one but I was a swimmer So I just got a phone call from the row employees I am last week at somebody call weed like I mean at least called us looking to schedule an estimate.

And he said that they weren’t sure if they are contact with us before that but I felt like all why not like I’ll just check to see if they have called it before. So I didn’t it turns out that he actually no showed us about a month ago. On Tuesday is the 21st and literally on the 23rd of June so almost a month ago he no-showed us and I was like I wasn’t if he was at my first week so like I have a student know how that all went basement remodeling Milwaukee. But I asked him if he was out there or I just told my guy wasn’t sure but I was like maybe we weren’t there of I can’t tell you what kind of took the blame for it and he was up when you asked him and I said of course. Because when I saw his file that he was a referral and I know that we always take referral just because like that’s like the nice thing to do. If they’re spreading her name like it just kind of like good service going to take and so we did end does a stop sign up for today at 9:30 AM.

Because he said we’re having a told me that mornings works best for him. And that’s what we do and we got it for 9:30 a.m. today calls at around 8 a.m. Friday 30 little bit up I was here for a little bit it was a group for one of my other co-workers got into work and he said he needs to push it out and I said all day today or tomorrow or like what day works till grey he’s like I said something came up in the morning so he asked me if he could do like a 2 or 3 today and I said of course that we can’t do 3:00 we can do 2. Obviously I don’t want to schedule it anyways because I already knew that he like no showed us and I thought that was so rude disrespectful. And so are we still we set it up for 2 today I want 30 rolls around and get my co-workers they leave to go to the estimate and would you believe it he did not show up for the second time. And if he calls again I’m just going to tell me know what you’ve no jodas toys that’s very disrespectful and rude that’s a waste of our time and we will not be scheduling that to me again basement remodeling Milwaukee. And I mean that your visit is houses in is not a great area either so nobody really wants to be out there in the first place. The only reason we set up an estimate the first place was because he was a referral my previous client was in a good area and that’s why we did their project and not add somebody else’s basement remodeling Milwaukee.