Okay so this is the final article today that I feel like I really should get done. I’m hoping to get at least me one or two more basement remodeling Milwaukee. Just because I know tomorrow that I might be going to the parade and not really sure yet if I’ve made my mind up exactly. I’m just trying to go to the time. As well as if I like Mason wanted to go or not otherwise I probably should stay here and get some work done you know the kind of thing. And then we just like next week like I’m gone next Friday as well as the following Friday. So just kind of want to make sure that I am still kind of stuff can I track my all that kind of thing. They are so for this article I have picked out the topic of what is molding. Again like I only do so much I don’t really know that much I guess about molding. All I know leave you can find like there’s a crown molding which is a really fancy words like just like normal molding would you me like I like the base of the wall like baseboard area and there can also be like like Cheerio is that something terrible that I can talk about a little bit of my last one and I’m feeling kind of soda.

I mean more than just it the best way I think to describe all these it’s kind of like a picture picture frame for the wall. -2 you’re not going to have it like where the walls meet like in the corners. At least like that like vertically if you know what I mean I mean someplace tonight I think I would just going to make the room feel Berry box being closed in I mean that’s cuz I just like my opinion I guess. But I yeah I also really like it like with people do like on the intricate molding basement remodeling Milwaukee. But it got so you’re also like very much that like I’m crown molding.

You find out like a lot of the older homes because it’s very detailed in like I think a lot of the time it’s like in Carver something. But overall I think I just looks so cool and I really like the look of it. If you don’t find it too often a lot of houses like these days. Just because I feel like something like that now with so much more money than like I might have like back in the day. But like I think I could definitely wrong I don’t want to know exactly the answer to that. But my grandfather he worked at a lumber mill for a long time so he they made a lot of like that kind of thing. And I think it’s always turned out so cool and I like that kind of thing. I have so now I’m just going to kind of look at some more pictures of Marvin. Used to be so unbelievably tiny. Imma wait till I can focus of the story by Marvin is my grandfather there’s a big Supper Club in northern Wisconsin that he used to go to the all of the time. But throat covid it actually closed and a friend of his who was a waitress there lost her job out there basement remodeling Milwaukee. And like being late they are and where they’re from they don’t exactly exchange phone numbers so he had no way of contacting her and he hadn’t seen his friend a very long time. But one day he was going through the Culver’s drive-thru up Northern Wisconsin and as she was actually the window and she asked him like just sarcastically hey do you want a puppy. He was a why do my granddaughter know that he has like what kind of puppy Center at least you got food. I doubt he’s going to call back did he call back the last time but like I took a month oh okay. I don’t even like a few calls back today I was like there’s no way right to reschedule a tattoo break no he didn’t forget he realized that he didn’t want to have to go forward with it yet again and instead of giving us a nice little phone call he just decided not to basement remodeling Milwaukee.

that’s true Bold and the font is good yeah. the food 11 tomorrow. Legos up to Water Street goes basically all the way down to Water Street until nap mainly Water Street are you guys going to go oh that’s right cuz you got this Michael Chow me why schedule a lot of oil either Kyle Michael Chow how could you let me know if you’re going you could just drive separately and stay down there for the parade to that’s what I’m here for the smart ideas basement remodeling Milwaukee. hey I didn’t know you guys said all referrals to schedule. but that was misinterpreted.

I’ve never met Tony Mayo nor do I think I just I don’t think I ever will. oh yeah I think you might even tell me about that Ryan or somebody was I don’t member people are. add yeah I saw it after I’m done riding my ass you as I’m going to call the real estate agent because she never emailed us back but I’m not sure it’s like they’re going to her spam or something I’m going to call that cuz she said that she would be present during the estimate or something and she hasn’t responded to the email so I’m not sure if they’re going to her spam or not did she say you wish you would like you there no she just said that she would be there cuz she said that Michael is very comfortable with her and like the language barrier she’s like he speaks good English she just kind of attitudes and I noticed that basement remodeling Milwaukee.