Okay so bigger this one that’s too at the flats I felt a date and my name what’s my name so the basement remodeling Milwaukee date is the 72621 Corgi is me Ryan house it came in today so it’s just a bunch of these on we have a seals I guess I could say how many of these I’ve done today and yes I talked with a corgi.  I I want I’m 5 I look I I took over at home I do want to make so and.  all ready cell phones are pretty much the worst headphones that you can have for this situation I don’t know who this person is but earliest you can fake a lot of everything some some things going on there well so there’s that person hurt arms are. pretty ripped but we’ll get there we’ll get there Aaron Rodgers see Rodger say still pretty ripped I guess he’s like a I guess he is on the phone quarterback so there’s that freaking fairly mild Tyler’s friends with Aaron Rodgers now so there’s that I guess it is what it is Joe Manganiello Max Scherzer went to the Brewers on yeah it’s a lot of people just like two of them some people just think they over radar.

I I don’t even know why they’re not working there we go see if I just yellow I guess these headphones work but look at certain things I guess I got them Larson was signed to 4 years Alexia course sign to sing the Chris treeger Treacher I think that’s how you’re supposed to say his name but it is what it is see what the mlb.com power rankings are one of a kind of weird lately they’ve. been playing like 500 baseball. shohei ohtani still do basement remodeling Milwaukee that the Braves are coming kid jumps biggest drop because the Rangers are apparently on a 12-game losing streak so there’s that the Giants are still the best record in the majors 5 and 5 start second half but it is what it is I don’t know how they’re doing I clear the basement remodeling Milwaukee name for I can do two players on that team I think Buster Posey and Kevin gausman well that’s good last row to Dodgers at 3 that make sense last bus teams are kind of 5 + 5 apparently Bruce of 8 okay it’s kind of what I thought to be the Red Sox I mean yeah I guess they’re closed again so by the Brewers but see basement remodeling Milwaukee what the Brewers are there 6 and 1/2 games above the Reds and now they’re going to play The Pirates Who are the worst team their division so we pretty happy to see the Brewers sweep the Pirates own I could do what you do pretty well with that see who the reds are playing the Cubs so that is one of those there we’d rather it was see we’d rather seedy Cubs win a couple games there see what happened yesterday.

So basically Brewers got no run support for end of Woodruff because we look we just give up 3 year and it’s Big Dave Ramsey get to 140 or a box. Burger his cousins guys pitch-by-pitch 13 so I mean I’m looking pretty good apparently first to get eight hits with see Christian Yelich one another over for two strikeouts a joke and then you have to pay that guy so much money this point I’d rather just have prospects but it is what it is cold basement remodeling Milwaukee 1 1 1 4 5 you think good down this of course help us out summer beginners really didn’t do much Tyrone Taylor still play with it well Jackie Bradley jr. pretty inconsistent but he did what he should be doing Garcia came in just going to walk I mean his to 53 is pretty standard we just have a lot of guys that kind of don’t play that well I don’t know turn explained on my insulin pens really well for the White Sox he’s kind of like on his thing Michael kopech I think they thought you give me a starter but as a relief pitcher he’s like kind of one of the best right now in the league don’t know how many game started I mean career stats home 2018 that he got hurt so.

I mean since he’s been in the basement remodeling Milwaukee league he’s kind of just been a big on it’s kind of a big strike okay so if you look at the awards to me is AAA All-Star double-a All-Star something most future game selection so he’s kind of been the top prospect, look up the Brewers top prospects see if they’ve updated it I don’t know what to get Applejack who will if I want to watch a cold rows .because I kind of peacock really isn’t the thing no see if they’ve updated it to where the other basement remodeling Milwaukee draft picks must have traffic to make it in there family that free look guy he should be in the top 30 right you think but I like coming soon this pretty young we’ll see where they are here in a really good see Brice turang should not be number one in anybody’s rankings.

Item is what it is top prospects of the decade look at all these Tyrod Taylor was about it for guys are kind of turn into basement remodeling Milwaukee something when it comes to top text cell Williams I don’t know what that coding the d-rose guys doing it’d be kind of interesting to see how well he’s been playing throw this. Oh boy here we go again where i cannot figure out a thing and things just keep happening to this i have no idea what i just typed if it makes sense i am very sure that it did not because of the way the sentence was constructed but hey Friday should be great. Call today if you have questions about pricing or services.