Tussock desert hello hello Perry Perfect. I’m so help your in my previous article I think it was pretty informative and how to pick how big or small towel. If you like there’s a lot of different options out there and I feel don’t really see all the options in front of them. I feel a lot of people like us go into the clothes mindset and pick up but then Ashley wanted to and they don’t take it to consideration the other options basement remodeling Milwaukee. Oh my goodness I am Charlie today that’s so not sure why I’m so cold I mean it’s like pretty nice outside today but I feel like I just get cold super easily anyways. I usually have like a blanket in my car that I leave and the like since I got a new car this year I haven’t put one back in there I feel like if I don’t do it till like 5 like the winter time cuz like I mean it’s the middle of July I don’t typically need to bundle up and anything you know what I mean. I think the boss comment I’ll twist the people are making these days it’s just like subway tile. I feel like a lot of people really like cells classic and clean look for subway tile. I don’t like a lot of people like think about all the ways you can use it if you know what I mean. Like you can like obviously the classic horizontal subway tile like look. Are there people can do vertical 2 or there’s also like a herringbone or there’s like I’m so you can do so much with it I see there’s just some ways to go to be easier than others. It’s a ways are a lot word difficult. Driving like it’s just like a simple rectangle with any kind of pattern you can lick think of obviously you can probably construct with it. I mean you don’t have to do it all in the same direction either basement remodeling Milwaukee.

Like I seen people do like each wall like a different direction so I don’t know. I also think that people should really look at like the different colors of subway tile. I think that’s also a big thing Just because you can get like really cool colored ones too and like my friends watching my favorite show. New Testament perfect back to work want to try and get the least this one done for the interview today baby you another one. But I want to go back to Taco 4 table wait. Copy of what to avoid is a very large broad topic because there’s a lot of different things that you should avoid when doing a remodeling project. And don’t the biggest thing I think I just don’t do it yourself. I think it’s really important that you hire or are you good on certified beautiful contractor because then you know the work will be done up to code are we done correctly and then you’re also not like but you would have good quality I got size ring when I say to. Cuz I mean like if you’re doing it yourself a lot of the time you’re not going to be having its best quality cuz it’s probably the first time you’ve ever done something like that. Unless you worked on stuff about the past which a lot of people have used to have it. Just because like girls help me like that is uncommon I guess. I mean a lot of people told you whatever you should constantly basement remodeling Milwaukee.

Oh my God I’m so sorry I keep yawning I don’t know why but yeah so I guess I got another thing that I think that you should avoid is just like using or like a bad quality materials. Obviously your project will turn out like like I will turn out what you put into it I think it’s like the best thing to say. And like if you’re really getting bad products like obviously the project itself isn’t going to be the best quality I guess so that’s another thing that you should really keep in mind you want to pull don’t really think about that Like if you get like power like 1 Burger or something like how do you say maybe it’s not as big strong or something we went yesterday cuz I could break. And like maybe like I was just literally farfetch like I do believe want to lick your whole house I just like collapse like I’ll be so bad and like you would want to absolutely avoid that if possible. Obviously see all that is just going to like what I’m thinking I really hate how I look if I stop talking to these headphones I was hit by stop recording basement remodeling Milwaukee.

I feel like I just want it so annoying and I don’t know why because I’m doing that cuz like I might be taking just a little break just to do something else quit LOL stop typing. So I think this is really annoyed. I have another thing. Voice is like getting too many people’s opinion on something. I feel like sometimes like it’s really good to get other pinions for like a project but sometimes that might become a little bit overwhelming if you get like so many opinions basement remodeling Milwaukee.

So I definitely think it’s like the best way to go by at the same time like I’ve never gone through the guard of a shower myself. Like I only I just currently live like an apartment building and sleep only a year old obviously there’s nothing here that would change about it until like I don’t have a lot of experience in that kind of thing. So like take my words like with a grain of salt because I obviously don’t want to serve an awesome home owner of any sort.