Hello hello hello testingĀ  Hello. okay then happy Thursday I know I probably said that already before when I previous articles but I feel like it’s always good to just like you up-to-date on the happy whatever so-called 8 it is for the week. I’m just currently going to be specific it is 12:02 here basement remodeling Milwaukee. Table 5 not trouble 1 NFL before not to go 3 it is 12:02 here in Wauwatosa. I saw looks like add someone have a nice day outside I don’t think it’s as hot as defend but I’m definitely ready for the heat to die down. I’m really kind of over all of the types of heat waves I guess.

But yes I’m just kind of sitting here reading some articles and I hope everybody’s having a good Thursday. I think it’s been a fairly good week so far and I know like after this after this week I have two short weeks from work why is coming up. Because next week as I’ve talked long previous articles I’m going and for the family. And the week after I of high school friend who’s getting married and I am going to her wedding. I was excited to go to her wedding because I got a lot of friends from high school that are going that I have not seen in like a very long time so we kind of a nice little reunions to see everybody and catch up. I need to order her wedding gift so hopefully tonight I would like to get it ordered I want to split it with another friend but she hasn’t really been responding as much I was kind of hard to link narrow it down. And I guess we’ll decide what I want to get her or is it wasn’t trying to find her something cute on Etsy. But I kind of waited a little too long to like narrow down and then oh yeah so I’m now I think I was looking at doing like on our registry she has a bunch of like board games and stuff basement remodeling Milwaukee.

So I might just get her like some games and I can relay code door dash gift card or something I like to lick a date night and gain basket can I pass a kind of thing I’m thinking. I think that she would like that just knowing Maggie my car like a bottle of wine or something that I can share one with it and wrap it all over very nicely. It’s going to have to plan it out and decide what I want to get her in like how I want to arrange it. We also for today’s article I want to look for. And if it’s a pretty broad subject and that’s kind of why I chose it because you can kind of go off this in a bunch of different directions. So first of all word toggle to look for in like a perfect job for you to do it. I want to come in for an interview here they ask when you go in for an interview they asked three things of you to do. I asked for and they’re all super simple things too lazy to weed out people cuz a lot of people can’t follow just to 3 simple instructions basement remodeling Milwaukee.

For sale through show up on time. Showing up on time just shows that a you’ve read your e-mails you have put your calendar you’re staying organized and that you respect our time. If you can’t show up on time that it’s better just to show up at all. And we actually a lot of people who do that. I’ll get back with font has like 20 people saying they might be here is something that’s exaggerated you just take me to get like 10 and maybe one or two show up the rest just don’t even come. I like don’t even respond to going to be here that just like a waste of time. And then the second thing I ask is that you dress to impress. We don’t want to see your High School t-shirts with like stains all over it or your sweat pants or anything like that we want you to literally just even like it supposed jeans and like a nice shirt it doesn’t have to be anything like elaborate like nobody needs to wear a suit by any means but they just want to show they want to see that link you can dress nice and that you can be prepared for an interview. Cuz a lot of other companies if you don’t dress nice they’re not even going to like give you the time of day. And I think that’s fair I think if you’re not going to look like you are prepared and don’t come again basement remodeling Milwaukee.

Like I just feel like when you dress to impress you look like you’re prepared you want this you’re excited like all that I think it just goes on Waze. And then lastly we ask that you figure resume. Yes I know that we can get your resume off of Andy that I know that like obviously it’s not that hard for me to just go on indeed and look at it and then I kind of an Alexa basement remodeling Milwaukee. But there’s more meaning to bring you the resume than just Googling it. It shows that you are coming you’re prepared at you again for your email this morning instructions and were able to list all of them. I think a lot of her I get really frustrated when people say I’ll just email you the rest of me. Well if I wanted you to email it to me I would have said that the email to email your resume. Obviously that’s not what the email says so I will just recommend bringing resume to the interview and not saying that you would email it to me basement remodeling Milwaukee.