Basement Remodeling Milwaukee | Dreams and Goals Meetings

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Hello thank you for joining me today for our discussion about bedrooms yes when you are at back to basics builders basement remodeling Milwaukee we want you to know that we will service every part of your remodel your dream home will be our goal and we will start with the bottom up and help you remodel the basement into a small living space I know a lot of times new home owners love finished basements it is the newest ideal in home owning along with that homeowners love designed spaces and they love using different magazines and google for a lot of updated layouts the open concept is huge right now a lot of individuals love open space especially when entertaining their guests with a wet or dry bar along with a laundry room and a work space sometimes a second living space or sometimes play room and an office at back to basics builders basement remodeling Milwaukee there are a lot of different blueprints that we create with two options one is exactly what you may need while the other includes what you will want at back to basics builders basement remodeling Milwaukee we are creative and have innovative relationships with a lot of people in our industry no when the remodel is in need of a spare room what designs have we come up with when it comes to a basement with a spare room we have had a large second living space with a small office space some also need a bedroom and in that case a bedroom would add another exit from the basement most prefer an egress window an egress window is a massive window that people can climb out of in case of fires along with a bedroom comes extra fire alarms and costs for safety but safety is our number one priority when remodeling we love to keep families safe and we love to move forward with projects so we will best accommodate your vision with what is best for your safety when you design your room what are you looking to put in the space I love looking at space and seeing neutral walls and pops of color everywhere through the room its exciting and fun I truly need to finish my baby boys room his room is the most unfinished room I have right now he needs blinds on his windows and maybe some curtains but nothing too fancy just super heros for his room and I could add some fancy fun stuff to my daughters too once I figure out if she needs a real bed or not right now she does well with her toddler bed but always manages to find her way to my room some time through the night so what are your styles for your rooms what do you like to see when you walk in the space I love windows big windows you know I can tell you what time all my neighbors go to work but I sure don’t know what time they come home at night at back to basics builders basement remodeling Milwaukee we will be sure to support your style and design its fun its my favorite part of the remodels I love modern industrial looks and I truly love rustic accents ugh I love flowers and natural sunlight and cows and pigs and slots and koala bears I love animals period they are amazing I get so excited I look at a shelf and I see endless possibilities I see a cart and want to change it to a play station I then get overwhelmed and giggle because some tasks must take time and they truly do crayons and coloring books storage and fun quotes on wood signs yes they fall under an umbrella word “budget.” What fun it is to add fun window curtains and fun shower curtains and furniture and pillows and love the look of new space and the fun detail of accents and vases but you know what I hate fake I hate fake flowers with huge vases I have seen that for a long time a lot of people use that style and décor I rather have nothing than a vase with big stems coming out of it you know those things collect dust they are huge and ugly and I hate them so much I love trees I love Christmas trees I am sure that is the only fake plant I love is the Christmas tree I love decorating it I love putting lights on it I love that it is so cozy and warm I love that it adds style to a room I love that it brings nature into my home I love that it brings a sense of giving in my home and it reminds us of what who we are at back to basics builders basement remodeling Milwaukee we love to support many different styles so tell us yours tell us your wishes and dream kitchen and bathrooms and tell us your favorite part of your new remodel let us know what you love about what we did to your home what did your remodel add besides space did it had unity do you have a space to be cozy and watch movies did it add peace an extra space for kids to go and play while mom makes dinner and cleans did the space add joy as you entertain guests did it add memory making the space that we created did it bring all that you though it would throughout the remodeling process was the process not work the end goal would you have waited a bit long or until the kids were older or should you have done the remodel as they were younger let us know your thoughts your feed back is always trusted and we love that others read our reviews and we love that families put effort into reading our reviews and enjoy the comments at back to basics builders basement remodeling Milwaukee we love to style we love to design we love to create and we love to build new dreams.