Hello hello happy afternoon I meant to get a couple more of these done prior to me leaving but I wasn’t able to. I I went around two different real estate offices in the Milwaukee area and dropped off some information. Although most of the places I went to work clothes at door is locked or something else kind of stopping me from going in there. I’m so I was kind of frustrating cuz I had a lot of list of four or five that I wanted to stop at and basically all of those were closed so I had to sit there on Google for a while to find some that were open basement remodeling Milwaukee. and so I was planning on working out like the Glendale area but that didn’t end up happening so I ended up going to the Shorewood Whitefish Bay Bayshore area to find some different offices to drop information off at. And even there I was unable to find too many but I found a couple of 0 with a concentration all that. I was able to stop at about 2 and they’re both super nice. And both of them so they actually picked out the Realtors might have people online so that they would give him the information. So hopefully we hear from any one or two of them I’ll be super nice. Pi + line currently I am just going to going to write this article in like what’s the next step. I feel like after you decide you want to do a project I feel like the first step is finding somebody that you trust and is reliable to complete the project.

So say for example you decide you want to do with your bathroom basement remodeling Milwaukee what do I get certain I feel like the next up it’s going to be hiring somebody. You’re going to want to either do a little research on who you would think would be a good fit for your project. Or a lot of time to all the time people might just refer you to somebody who they worked with in the past. Like if you have a neighbor that to do a project may be a few months or even a year or two ago and they said that they work with so-and-so and they think they did a good job a lot of the times and maybe you would give them a call. All of us arms all the phone calls and last night I heard about us a lot of the times he was word for a while. So that’s always good to know that if people are happy with her word to 2 referring us out. said you can come hang out by me if you want to.

See where was I. I’m sorry yeah I feel like once you make the next step into finding somebody to feel like it’s good to have like maybe a list of two or three people that you have in mind basement remodeling Milwaukee. Have a good Friday but I did find a couple of yourself than also if you were as I told by some friends and family or neighbors or classmates or whoever that like they recommend somebody fix it so it’s good to have that on your list as well. I’m I know example if we do estimates. So that I think like after you have that list if I can accept that and be delete give him a call and ask him to come out to go look at the space tickets when I give them your ideas. On the nobility of the kind of like an estimate. And you’re not delete tell them what your life will change of composition that space and there’s walls and come down also need to go up flooring walls and all that kind of thing. And then at least here they’ll give you an estimate and the row from there. And I’m super sure what other places do.

Basement remodeling Milwaukee I’m assuming that our place is kind of the same like format for these proposals and estimates and all that kind of thing. I feel like it’s pretty constant I guess I don’t really know how I would order really. But yeah that I feel like from there you don’t want to like a belly weight on fast and it’s like the projects and all that kind of thing Once you have all the materials you gather that you need. I think that then you can decide who you would like to go in. And then kind of fun are you like set up the start day you’ll finishes you’ll get number recycle numbers are contact purposes. And I see that that’s a really good like simple boy to accomplish all that.

But I’m just I’m really going to just passed out by then. And I really like to help you with the signing of the living room the bedroom to the other thing is really a functional and creative sometimes I feel I’m used to her break color as one. Do you have a good pulse to do with the right I’ll talk to you about to know what year am I right now my desk. They are really nice but I’m just taking them with messages to write down. I like to take keep telling keep tally and Mark on these. Basement remodeling Milwaukee I really think that yeah I think that they’re super useful I’m running a little late so I might have to stop and get some more. Not sure if I’m off to go to Target every like going to Target to buy the gift card I can use there. Maybe I’ll talk to this weekend who knows. But yeah so yeah I really hope it’s worth having a good day I’m going to start for the Bucks game I hope they do good. I don’t really want to go downtown basement remodeling Milwaukee.