Basement Remodeling Milwaukee | Give The Kids a Cave

This content was written for Back to Basics Builders.

So today is the day everyone open your itty bitty eyes rise and shine you hear the birds singing they already got their worms breakfast time is here its almost that time of day lets rise and be grateful for another day French toast is on the menu with fruit and yogurt now what do you want for snacks today its prepack day so all your stuff will be ready for you to just grab I can leave it on the shelf in the fridge basement remodeling milwaukee is on their way they are going to do a kitchen remodel and im so excited yes dearest I think it’s a great idea ive never been so super excited as I am right now they are coming to sand strip and stain then we can move on to counter tops whoop whoop im happy we are not painting them you have no idea how I knew that would be a bad idea im happy basement remodeling milwaukee will know how to start the project and keep it tidy at the same time I hope they don’t spill that stain stuff id did that once in my kitchen thankfully I didn’t replace my floor first have you heard of this company my friends are talking about them like crazy even the minimalist couple at church that have nothing in their house but what they need their daughter is a model yes them they have talked about basement remodeling milwaukee and explained they are the kindest of people and that they are always tidy the littles wont get hurt on their tools maybe we should do something with the kids lets send them to someone’s house who is off right now this week I know it should only take a few hours right basement remodeling milwaukee should consider a child service so parents can just leave their kids and then they could continue with their routine that would be kind of cool okay maybe not that might be a little awkward im happy we have options for the kids lets send them downstairs by mom then basement remodeling milwaukee wont be bogged down with the kids dipping in stain we all know how well you work at home and watch the kids at the same time on that now I will happily stay home for the first day of the remodel and enjoy some hot coffee but first some hot breakfast basement remodeling Milwaukee will be here soon I am so happy French toast eggs sausage for everyone then we will head out the door and come back for dishes and tidy up the house while basement remodeling Milwaukee works in the kitchen oh and remind me we have like five loads of laundry and dinner to cook when they are done im so happy the kids ate so well this morning now for our walk lets hussle time to play then time to work as we walk through the park swing on swing and enjoy 40 degrees on this what should be iced winter day im excited I cant wait to see what basement remodeling Milwaukee has done so far maybe they are finished unloading you think I am so excited oh my goodness lets go see wait lets finish playing with the kids up the slide down the slide around and round we go mommas going to tag you oops your almost it uh oh mama fell again goodness this right ankle is just terrible well maybe we can go for a ride lets go watch the airplanes fly and take off while basement remodeling Milwaukee works on the kitchen oh yay maybe we can stop by muggas house and play too lets check it out maybe papas home and she can randomly have lunch ready that would be a great plus for today okay lets go ahead and check out the planes wow yay you see them fly high and low do you see them go do you hear them loud do you feel them they seem so rough okay papa isn’t feeling well back to the house we go to prepare for lunch. Oh wow did you see the kitchen what are we going to do for lunch how am I going to do the lunch dishes oh dear I wish this came with a sound alarm we have no kitchen where did the kitchen go did you see the cabinets have no doors I should have known my dishes are full of dust the anxiety oh no im starting to sweat to mcdonalds we will go we will eat and play oh where did our kitchen go we need to call basement remodeling Milwaukee now and ask them why they took the kitchen away don’t they know we are humans who eat we love to eat grilled cheese and mac n cheese the kids are currently in heaven on our way to mcdonalds but we didn’t budget for out to eats on a daily oh why not there be a sound alarm back to our village we shall go lets schedule grandmas for dinners and uncles and aunts for lunch ill take the groceries over the the grandparents and we can eat with them for the week do you think a complete remodel will only take a week I hope it will since basement remodeling miwlaukee didn’t give us any clue that our kitchen wouldn’t be available maybe they can reimburse us for this one meal until we have a plan for tomorrow wouldn’t that be great lord help us and hear our prayers my babies are fed today that is great now we need to figure out dinner I can take the food down stairs and use moms kitchen then we can talk to papa and grandma and see if they will let us use their kitchen for breakfast and lunches can be prepacked at dinner time then we will be okay as long as we have a fridge or maybe a cooler outside its cold enough outside to handle food I hope the kids don’t get all wacky with this remodel im already really wacky.