Hello hello hello. Perfect I’m happy that my microphone is still charged and ready to go. I know I got a couple articles done already today but I would like to get just maybe one or two more 2 so I can stay ahead of what I need to get done. It’s always good to have more done than than that. I feel like. I feel like that’s like my bottle and life just always have like Mortal that you need to go to sometimes you might not be able to get as much done the other day that I mean that like we should fall back on his always super nice basement remodeling Milwaukee. So yeah that’s why I’m kind of trying to get like 7 or 8 done today just because then I am gone Friday but I would like to see normal golf goal for the week. I’m just got to call me talk to you about where to find like a good pieces for your renovation I guess. I tend to do a lot of shopping myself and I also tend to return a lot of stuff just because I’ll change reminder outside like subtitle and look for where I had it or who knows but like um so for example over the weekend I went to a good store to look for like the finishing pieces is Kirkland’s.

I really like I don’t really like that style Decor that they have in the side I really like the wide variety that they have. I was looking for a sore work to hang in our bathroom or an hour like main living space or really anywhere and I found this one picture that I really liked I really gravitated towards it but it just doesn’t look great in the space. On the frame is a long lighter of a wood color than the rest of the wood in my apartment and I think that’s where they was throwing me off a lot. Still like I’m going to go and return it today so I’ll tell you because I really like it just like I have no place for it right now it’s like I always say I don’t want to like just like Forrest my cell use it if I’m not going to get a good use out of it. Maybe I’ll find something else and I like their or go do it basement remodeling Milwaukee.

But yeah so I can pick her commands like I said it’s a really good place to find a different come look at it in pieces. They also really good Furniture I think. Like right now on their website right now and that they have this really nice 3 piece Conversation Set for like an outdoor space on sale for $190 and was originally 400. See, I really do want some more outdoor things but at this moment I think it’s not like a huge priority. I really want to get to some stuff to hang on our walls and specifically the bathroom in our basement remodeling Milwaukee¬† cuz I feel like it’s all like empty and boring. We also really want to find like a what’s the word a doormat by the door at really bad. I’ll do they have one yesterday or 2 days ago when I was there that I really liked the only thing but I mean it was I liked up it was like kind of girly and so I end up not getting it. But okay so now they have that there’s this like there was this one piece heart words I really like and it’s a it’s on sale online but and store it was not this cheap so I mean I’m curious if I were to go back in now look at with Soviet cheap yes I might want to get it. But I saw my pass on it but I really just want some stuff to make some photos up and maybe basement remodeling Milwaukee.

Maybe some new frames I need to also print off some pictures because like I have no pictures of like my family or friends and my apartment have. On our way also like the way you think to crochet stuff looks hanging on the wall. Leave the macrame panda look and they have a lot of good options with that stuff too. So maybe they’ll be something I could look at pressure to hang out maybe like eventually. Focus like yeah I think it’s a really good place to look at it again. A really good place to find some good finishing pieces as Like Home Goods or TJ Maxx or Marshalls. I was there also on Saturday. And I really want to find some like floating shelves I really like the look of the hexagon ones right now and I actually was able to find¬† ones which I was super excited about it so I got it was like one large hexagon shelf and then one smaller one basement remodeling Milwaukee.

And I already have them a lot been like it’s crazy to me like how big of a difference like it makes was having like that one sitting on the wall. It just makes it feel like super homie inside and I’m really happy with how it turned out exactly the old mason feels the need to put his stupid ball out on one of my child’s. And I don’t think that it looks great but like I said if I keep taking his stuff down and moving it needs you to get super irritated eventually and I really need to do that. Lisa doesn’t care about what it looks like he just kind of curious if it’s this stuff on the wall just get like a point across to feel like ultimately and I don’t really care about that I really that much. But yes if there’s so few things that I want to find I kind of want to bring some color into the space basement remodeling Milwaukee.