Hi everyone of everyone’s having a great and fantastic Monday afternoon you do here at basement remodeling Milwaukee we were having a tremendous day that you know it’s beautiful outside so we’re enjoying the nice weather outside today and you know from driving around to some appointment to appointment having the windows down a little bit doesn’t hurt you know we’re enjoying this beautiful weather that we’re having. hopefully it stays like this for the days to come you know it’s very nice to have this beautiful Skies outside the blue ones and then as well as a sun shining yeah it’s up to cold outside and saving that warm but you know it’s warm enough for you can have the windows down you know here at basement remodeling Milwaukee little five things going on you know where finishing up a few projects we got a few checks in today for the final aspects of a project. so you know that’s always a good thing we know we took some after pictures at some of our project inclined houses so those should be going up to our website very soon here at Back to Basics Builders basement remodeling Milwaukee.

That way you can see the projects that we’ve been working on I’m going to howl drastically and change they have been from the start to finish of the project and see the overall experience that we write our clients you know it’s very unique system I will not like everyone else not like every other to rent general contractor or remodeler in this area and we’ve had our own spin on things which is amazing Casino would you like to stand out from others you know it’s our thing here you know we wouldn’t be able to win an award if we weren’t able to stand out from other competitors you know and so we’re very thankful for that so why don’t you sit back listen up a little bit so you know you get find a few things out when we discussing some whirlpool tubs today in story of sick with the bathroom themes. but you’re at basement remodeling Milwaukee we have been discussing a lot of different aspects with a lot of different potential clients with a lot of different things.

You know we’re talking about a few different bathroom remodels to master bathrooms and how one of them wanted a whirlpool tub put into their bathroom and very quite interesting thing you know we’ll have to see how that proposal goes but it’s already done and taken care of so we just waiting on talking to the client but you know he was very interesting looking at some whirlpool tubs they are quite expensive which we already told them when we were originally out there for the estimate and you know it’s just it doesn’t add a couple thousand dollars to a project.

Especially you doing the whole bathroom itself so it’s not like we’re just doing the tub we’re doing the whole bathroom were getting it out sore taking out the soffits which most bathrooms have these days so we most people don’t want them so we’re getting rid of them and have to log with drywall Victor don’t taking care of tape the mud and everything you know the drill that was very happy to see this project go through we would be glad for them to sign with us cuz of you quite amazing right to see what we can do with this is bathroom that’s worth a lot of our bathroom till we get it you know we always love for a new challenge and great aspects to them so rain check basement remodeling Milwaukee out and see if we can help you with your big bathroom remodel weather at the master bathroom where a half bath or whatever let us help you out and become make it your dream bathroom you know there are quite a little bit of dream bathrooms out there you know our owner has met one and self with both with a crew obviously but he has a huge huge stall at the walk in the shower and it has a couple of different to it where it shoots water out different areas well well it falls water out Falls of from above you like a waterfall shower that way you don’t have to be saying once about to get wet you have everything there I’ll let you know here at base chromoly more can we do stuff like that we love working on that kind of projects because it is very unique and very different Islands model the luxurious side of remodels and we appreciate that we like love doing that stuff but you know we do do little stuff as well we make sure that they’re very nice bathrooms for smaller areas as well.

Meaning that not everyone can afford that luxurious shower and we’ll have to settle for less but they still need a dime because it’s destroying part of the home and I need to get it fixed which is what we help with you know that I was sleep going to cost a little bit money regardless but So yeah it’s going to cost a little money but you know things are going to walk right in the end and everything we fixing don’t you know what to worry about that any leaks or anything like that when it comes to bathrooms and you are enjoying a nice beautiful new bathroom where you know you have had great work on and You’ll hear basement remodeling Milwaukee we do give out free estimates you know let us come out and take a look and see if we can help you you know that’s one of the biggest things why we keep up for you since we want to make sure we’re able to help everyone that we can here at basement remodeling Milwaukee and you know we go over each and every detail with you guys so I can give us a call.