So can you tell me about the color white I am in we have a lot of white boards around here and it just reminds me of a Asylum. Basement remodeling Milwaukee we want you to be able to color your project in any way that you prefer. I know there’s multiple ways to add color to a room including paint. I know that my house is all whites white trim just kidding we don’t have white trim we have white walls. We are making sure that we are moving forward with some great projects but sometimes we had talked about the ugly stuff right. And this is the ugly stuff at we want you to know that we’re here to look at your projects and to know that we have on her side and we are going to make sure that we can do some great things here and then we can always just move forward with some great remodeling ideas. Basement remodeling Milwaukee we’re always trying to do some great things and move forward with some amazing ideas.

I mean there’s really no other way than to have a clean slate and the color white is always so clean and so pure and so untouched. And we won our kids to keep their innocence as long as they can. we always want what we can do here and we wanted to be excited. I mean the color white is just it’s Angelic it’s something so okay and something so beautiful and something so writing in fabulous and something that we don’t want to destroy and something that we want to keep. But when we comes to house colors and something that we’re looking at is adding Beauty sometimes we cover up the white right? I mean when you walk down into a basement you don’t want to see all white walls white for white ceiling it’s a lot of it’s overbearing. No we’ve seen some amazing work. And some of that work is just basically painting.

And I get super irritated with painting I don’t do a good job with painting it’s not my thing I hate it and it stresses me out really bad. I’ve been we have subcontractors to work on paint so that you don’t get stressed out and I don’t get stressed out. At basement remodeling Milwaukee I have taken on the challenge of keeping my white walls and just using decorations I use a lot of wall decor and it covers up my walls. It’s really lovely I love it I love that I could have white walls and my walls are exciting and I live in an upper three bedroom so it’s it’s a tiny apartment place but we all get along and we move around and we managed to make great things work and it’s exciting. we managed to work through a lot of different things and we managed to plug through and make things work. I Amin a basement remodeling Milwaukee we always like to encourage one another to do fabulous great things and I do I love it I love that I can just plug along and smile and create a new space and it’s mine. I love that I can always be encouraged and work with some great space. So when you working with the color white how do you cover it up. I’ve learned white is usually used as it’s an accessory to the project but at my home I use wall decor and in my girl’s room I painted her room pink and turquoise near the one Fiesta wall and she has to 3 pink walls I believe wild it’s crazy but it’s what we love to do at home is to make space better for her. And it’s enjoyable I mean she loves her space and it creates new memories. As of right now I know she’s got her little girl’s room and she’s enjoying it and she’s having fun and it’s everything that she enjoys I love that I can just have fun with my kids and I can sit with them and learn from them and that they can always teach me new things.

I’m I try to focus on them when I’m at home and this week has been so hard. So maybe we can take some time and we can regroup and we can add new life to projects and get some things going on in our bathroom projects and we can talk about it. I mean what is there to lose? There’s nothing we can really lose and nothing that we can really objected to I mean really it’s basement remodeling Milwaukee and it’s a joy that we can have when we remix things and connect them and create an idea of what we want to do and it it’s a good thing it’s happy times it’s a great place and it just makes us happy that we can do these things. Basement remodeling Milwaukee we truly enjoy it we love that we can just build and be happy and create the new space is here for your free estimate truly if you enjoy it just give us a call and we’d like to hear from you we love to know what your ideas are here at we just want to create a great space for you and your family we don’t care what color paint you shoes.

We just want your family to be happy so go ahead and call us let us know what your thoughts are so we can help you through your robotics project. This is what makes us happy. We love that we can help our people here at basement remodeling Milwaukee so schedule your free estimate today! Half of the words were the same one so why would they have to go through them because that job would be so boring holy guacamole wow what a rhyme that was it was really difficult. I only type with two fingers and can barely type without looking.